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Andrew and I have a new version of TRACTOR! Tractor is a car game we learnt while we were in New Zealand. The rules of tractor are:
  • If you see a tractor (small wheels at the front, big wheels at the back) yell "TRACTOR!"

  • If it's a stationary tractor you get 1 point

  • If it's a moving tractor you get 3 points.
In New Zealand (BAA!) there are tractors everywhere! Councils use them to mow the lawns. Farmers pop down to the shops in a tractor to pick up some groceries. We saw trucks with five tractors on the back of them; tractors being delivered to tractor shops to be sold to eager Kiwis. It's a great game to play when visiting New Zealand. Unfortunately, in the concrete metropolis of Sydney, tractor is not the most exciting game. Being the competitive couple we are, we still play it. We spot tractors at the shopping centre (they are used to tow the shopping trolleys), at roadworks (technically not tractors, but tractors by our definition), on TV (McLeods Daughters, on the news and some TV commericals) and even in Oskie's books (and I bought Oskie a toy tractor for his birthday).

Andrew and I have decided that Fitness First bags are the tractors of Sydney. Is it just me? Or does everyone in Sydney belong to Fitness First? Same rules: 1 point for a stationary Fitness First bag, 3 points for a moving Fitness First bag. So next time you're with us, and we yell "Fitness First bag... moving!", you know what we're on about. Feel free to join in! (yes, we are crazy...)

jess - 22nd Dec 2004, 11:11 tags: tractor quirky

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