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I was a bit crafty over the Summer. I made:
  • Present: a reversible cape - a dressups cape for Jack for his 4th birthday. It has batman on one side and spiderman on the other. It was inspired by the etsy shop, kidzescapes. It's definitely a prototype as I wasn't 100% happy with the way it turned out. I keep thinking children are bigger than they actually are. I will have to borrow the nephews for a proper fitting next time.
    Jack's Birthday Present Jack's Birthday Present
  • Softie: Rainbow Sprite - she was made from the Cosmonaut Devil pattern in the book Softies only a mother could love. I really love the colourful harlequin fleece fabric. She is a joy to cuddle. This one was given to Oscar's school mate, Ella. Ella didn't fall in love like I did though as she opened the present and said "ohhhhhh... what is it?". I think Rainbow Sprite is very cute but I can't keep everything I make. I hope she grows on Ella.
    Rainbow Sprite Rainbow Sprite
  • Cupcakes: Beach Bears - They are supposed to be little bears floating on the ocean in inflatable rings. How'd I do? The bears are tiny teddies, the inflatable rings are jelly rings and the icing is blue icing. I used my new icing tools (a Christmas present from Natalie) to make the icing look a bit wavy like waves in the ocean. Definitely can't take credit for the idea though. They were inspired by Bakerella.
    Cupcakes: Beach Bears
  • Sock monkeys: Freddie and Alfie - I really love making sock monkeys at the moment. They are quite labour intensive with lots of hand sewing but I'm enjoying that part of it. They keep the hands and mind occupied while watching television. They are also great for chewing on so I hope Freddie and Alfie's new owners, Alexander and Geoffrey find pleasure chewing on their new toys. The monkeys were gifted to the boys for their baptism.
    Sock Monkey: Freddie Sock Monkey: Alfie
I will have to put my craft pursuits on the backburner now as I'm back at uni and it's sucking all my time.... aragh!

jess - 18th Mar 2010, 09:40 tags: craft summer10 kids cupcakes baking


One Sunday morning this summer, joined by the Bell family, we were lucky enough to experience a king tide at Clovelly.
Clovelly at King tide

Clovelly has an unusual layout for a beach. The beach shore is quite narrow and there are rocks and cliffs that extend for a few hundred metres out to sea. In the 30s, as a depression era project, they covered the rocks with a concrete promenade. This is where we, and the sophisticated set, usually sit. The beach is generally crawling with toddlers and covered with family sized tents. The promenade has the added bonus of no sand. I'm not a fan of sand.

On the morning of the king tide, the water was high enough to be washing over the concrete promenade. It was lovely to splash along in the impromptu wading pool. Oscar and Leo (and all the kids at Clovelly) had a fabulous time jumping off the walls of the promenade into the ocean.

The snorkelling was great too. Mum and Dad have started taking jatz crackers to feed the fishies at Clovelly. I always put a few in the pocket of my boardies. The fish follow you around even when you have run out of crackers. On the morning of the king tide even Oscar had a go at feeding the fishies. We had our underwater camera out that day and were able to snap a few photos.
Oscar and fushies

I'm hoping we can fit a few more mornings in at Clovelly before autumn, and cooler weather, actually arrives. Fingers crossed for good weather this weekend...

More photos on Flickr.

jess - 10th Mar 2010, 14:00 tags: clovelly photography underwater summer10 oscar leo kids

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The Brisvegas Wilsons came down in November for Ivan's 80th birthday. It was great to catch up with Ben, Janet and Isaac who we haven't seen for a year. Poor Isaac doesn't get much fushmush space because they live so far away. So here are some photos to make up for it a little bit. We spent a morning playing in the front garden in the sunshine.

isaac whee! grandma and isaac
isaac and grandma isaac whee!

jess - 17th Jan 2010, 18:40 tags: kids isaac summer10

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Little EddyG turned one on Wednesday. Happy Birthday Eddy!

We were lucky enough to spend the day with the birthday boy. We snorkelled at Gordons Bay (we saw a couple of rays!). We followed that little bit of exercise with grilled fish and chips at Coogee. It was a great 1st birthday celebration. It was also a 29th birthday celebration as Eddy shares his birthday with his Dad, Goldy. Poor Goldy. Nobody is ever going to make a big deal out of your birthday again. We promise we'll make a big deal out of your 30th birthday. Well, we'll call you old at least.

For Eddy's 1st birthday I made him a lambykins. Like the one below except from different material.

Usually, I have to explain what the present is after it is opened. It's a soft toy but it also doubles as a pillow. We didn't have to explain it to Eddy though. We put lambykins in front of him and he put his head straight down and gave it a hug. Everyone there went "awwwwwwwwwww". It was very cute. It's nice to see your presents in action and being appreciated.
EddyG hugs Lambkins
Thanks to Nina for the photo. I stupidly forgot to take my camera on the day.

jess - 15th Jan 2010, 08:16 tags: birthdays eddyg craft kids summer10 lambykins


This year, to celebrate Andrew's birthday we went to see Avatar 3D at IMAX. Here we are in our 3D glasses. Don't we look sexy! The movie was pretty good. The story wasn't anything new (um... pocahontas anyone?) but it was well-paced and there were enough action sequences to keep me amused. The 3D technology was impressive. Andrew gives it 4.5 stars out of 5 (which is a big recommendation from him).
sexy 3D glasses

After the movie we headed to dinner at Wagaya in Haymarket. We'd picked this dinner spot for one reason... sushi roulette. How does it work? Well you order a plate of 6 salmon nigiri except there is a catch. One of the nigiris has double the amount of wasabi than normal. So, one lucky diner cops a fiery mouthful of sushi.
sushi roulette

The participants in our round of sushi roulette were Sue, Andrew, Simon, Clare, Brendan and Adam.
sushi roulette participants

Who was the lucky winner? You'll have to watch the video to find out.

Thanks to GrabYourFork for the restaurant recommendation.

jess - 13th Jan 2010, 16:10 tags: birthdays andrew food quirky summer10


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