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We've had lots of visitors in February. Sydney has seemed to be a hub for stuff this month. Our visitors have all been here for different reasons but they have all had time to catch up with us. Aren't we lucky? We're not going anywhere anytime soon so we are very lucky. Going out to dinner with our visitors also means that I get a chance to try out some of the trendy restaurants that I read about on food blogs.

First up, Michelle transferred through Sydney on her way home from South Africa (via Port Macquarie). We took Michelle up to the Summit for a pre-dinner drink (our favourite tourist spot in Sydney) and then we had dinner at the very trendy Eathouse Diner in Redfern.

Next up, we caught up with Dr J and Chris and their friends Krystal and Ward. We originally met Josh and Chris on our Egypt trip. They live in different cities in America so they endeavour to catch up on holiday once a year. This year they picked Australia as their destination. We took them out sailing on Sydney Harbour during the day and then out for Thai in Erskineville in the evening. But more about that when Josh posts his photos from the trip.

Last but not least, our lovely kiwi friend Heather was in Sydney in for work. We played ultimate with Heather in London. We have since moved home to Sydney and she has moved home to Wellington. It's not the same as living in the same city but at least we're still neighbours. We took Heather to The Battery in Surry Hills. I liked all the fushie decorations.

jess - 28th Feb 2011, 15:48 tags: social

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Most people who know me well, know that I'm not exactly the most spontaneous of people. Andrew can usually identify a restaurant by the dish that I always eat when we go there (butter chicken, udon noodle soup, wrapped pad thai etc.) but last Saturday night was a deviation from normal Jess behaviour.

On Saturday, I got my hair cut, coloured and blow-dried in the morning. At about 5pm, after an afternoon of uni work, I thought "I'm not going to waste my hairdo on a night of uni work!" and decided that we must go out. There is a new restaurant in town that I wanted to try so I informed Andrew of our plans for the evening. A conversation with Sue revealed that she and J were heading into town for a movie and were also thinking of eating at the same new restaurant (coincidence?!). And there you have it! Plans for a dinner out with friends without even really trying.

Chef's Gallery is the new restaurant we all wanted to try. I had read about it on GrabYourFork the other day and there was only one reason that I wanted to go there. They have these amazing little Piggy buns that you can have for dessert. You get two piggies in a serving. One is a boy and one is a girl - she is wearing a bow. So cute!
Chefs Gallery: Piggies
Chefs Gallery: Boy piggy
Chefs Gallery: Girl piggy

They also have pumpkin pastries. We originally tried these in Shanghai and have never seen them again. The detail on these desserts is amazing.
Chefs Gallery: Pumpkins

jess - 12th Sep 2010, 21:44 tags: explore_sydney social


A new trivia venue this week. We tried out The Hat and Tun in Farringdon and I believe we have a winner. The host is social and questions are not too challenging. We'll definitely be back. We didn't win but were only 3 points from the lead. Next time, victory shall be ours!

Questions we couldn't manage this week:
  1. Which male actor has had the most Oscar nominations?
  2. Rounding off to the nearest metre, how long is the Long Jump record?
  3. This artist, who died in 1970, still sells 3 million albums a year.
  4. What is the fastest animal that is raced?
  5. Who has appeared in all three of the following movies: The Usual Suspects, The Fan and Snatch?
  6. Which alien visited Boulder City?
We did have a rather momentous "Duh!" moment this week when we were presented with this picture.


We sat there trying to puzzle out its meaning. Pin wheel Key wheel? Pin Hole Key Hole? Pin O Key O? As a team, we must have said Pin O Key O at least 5 times. And then we wrote down the answer pinky rings. (If you can't figure it out yourself, say Pin O Key O aloud and then realise how thick we are.)

Our team name this week was inspired by the pub decor and the weather. Next week's team name is going to be Pin-O-Key-O.

jess - 22nd Feb 2009, 11:29 tags: london social trivia

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Our fortnightly trivia outing continues as does our search to find a regular trivia venue. Our initial Monday night plans were cancelled (snow day!) so we rescheduled for Tuesday evening at the Earl of Lonsdale in Notting Hill. It's not exactly a central pub so we weren't able to tempt any trivia regulars to come. Instead we were joined by John (a pub quiz virgin) and Steve (who is only visiting London) and his friend Lucy.

Unfortunately, the Earl of Lonsdale is another pub that imposes a limit on team sizes. Only 4 members are allowed on a quiz team which meant that our team was forced to split into two. Our two teams were Cockfosters and Shepherds Bush. Can you guess along what lines the teams were split? (And before you accuse me of being rude, they are both genuine places in London. The English started it!) We figured we'd hedge our bets with the two teams. If we weren't 100% on an answer we'd put down different guesses on the two forms. It didn't seem to help us that much.

We enjoyed our night out but once again we struggled. We found this quiz to be quite English-centric. We had no clue on the football questions or on the identities of C-grade celebrities. If you take that into account, and take the combined score for the two teams, we didn't do too badly. We didn't win though.

There were 6 rounds and they were based along different themes. Here are the questions from the Connections round. The answers to these question have a connection.
  1. Jack Ford and Jessie Seaton are characters in what Television show?
  2. Robbie Keane is the leading goal scorer for what country?
  3. In the 1990s, Frank Sinatra and Bono collobarated on what Col Porter song?
  4. In Poker, what is the result when two or more players tie for a hand?


  5. What is the connection?

jess - 5th Feb 2009, 20:56 tags: trivia social london


John is in town. Yay! He's in London for business but that doesn't mean we can't hang out. We've tried to squeeze as much Johnny goodness out of him as possible. Friday night, we caught up for drinks and dinner. Saturday, we invited John over for dinner. Sunday night, we had dinner and the boys went to a Superbowl party.

Our Saturday dinner followed the usual Dubs schedule. The boys played some Pentago, we ate dinner and then we played a game of Diminishing Whist.

While John is gallivanting around the world for business, poor Leah is stuck at home. So on Saturday evening while we played cards, we video conferenced Leah in so that she could be part of the fun. Every round John would show Leah his hand. On the webcam, Leah could watch each trick being played out. Leah could also listen to the usual trash tralking and join in the conversation. It was like hanging out with Leah, except for the fact that she was physically on the other side of the world.

As I've described before, there is a round in Diminishing Whist, where you are dealt one card which you are not allowed to see. Instead, you have to stick it on your forehead and let everyone else look at your card. On Saturday evening, we figured that we could include Leah in the round of one. We dealt everyone a card. We used the webcam to show Leah the cards on our foreheads. When we bid, Leah called out her bid. There was lots of giggling.

The photos below describe the second round of one. (Andrew was leading. Diamonds were trumps. Andrew, Jess and Leah bid 1 and John bid 0. Andrew won and bid correctly - 11 points, John bid correctly - 10 points, Jess and Leah did not bid correctly 0 points.)

Transcontinental Diminishing Whist

Transcontinental Diminishing Whist

Transcontinental Diminishing Whist

We spent the rest of the game trying to figure out how we could play a full game of transcontinental Diminishing Whist. We'll keep brainstorming.

jess - 2nd Feb 2009, 22:41 tags: whist london dubs social

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