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We're hearing about whales a bit in the news at the moment. Humpback whales are migrating south to Antarctica with their babies. Sometimes they even pop into Sydney Harbour for a quick visit like this mother and her baby did in late October. I love the photo of the whale and the ferry. It's just so Sydney.

It made me think of the whale watching cruise we did while we were in Hawaii. We had such a fantastic whale watching experience. We saw so many whales while we were out on the ocean. We saw them breaching. We saw them thwapping the water with their fins. We saw them hanging out in groups and playing with each other. One whale even swum right up to our boat and breached right next to us. We were lucky to have a marine biologist on board who explained each behaviour and why the whales were doing what they were doing (or why we think the whales were doing what they were doing :D).
Pectoral fin(s)
Humpback whale

I'm don't think I'll ever do another whale watching cruise again. I'm sure it could never be as good as the cruise we did in Hawaii so would just be a disappointment.

My favourite memory of whales in Hawaii isn't from the cruise though. At the beach, if you swum out past the breakers, ducked underwater and listened you could hear the whales singing to each other. It was beautiful! The whale song was a reminder that we share the ocean with some amazing creatures. (Which could lead to a rant about shark culling in WA but I'll leave that for another day... or not all.)

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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Poor Teddy was suffering from eczema and about to be hit by the flu in September so he's not looking his usual handsome self. He's looking a bit dazed and splotchy in these photos. My poor boy.
Evie and Teddy
Evie and Teddy

Here are the photos starting from the beginning:
May: Evie and Teddy June: Evie and Teddy
July: Evie and Teddy August: Evie + Teddy
Evie and Teddy  

See Evie and Teddy's monthly photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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Oops, once again I'm more than a month late with Teddy's monthly update.
Theodore: 5 months
For comparison, Evie: 5 months.

Here are some of the milestones from this month.

Teddy has moved into his own room this month. I had to hoped to keep him our room until he was 6 months but he's a bit of a light sleeper. I kept waking him up with my sleeping noises. It got to the point where he was waking up and needing to be resettled every hour. Mummy just couldn't take it anymore so we moved him into his own room. It was a little earlier then expected so we didn't manage to get his room sorted. It's still the junk room rather then a little boy's room. Doing time in the junk room is a Wilson rite of passage.

My little boy learned to roll over this month (28th September to be precise). I was pretty excited about it at first as Evie never really rolled. Well, she spent one afternoon rolling and then decided she'd had enough of it (as far as Evie was concerned rolling over was not a life skill.)

The novelty of a rolling baby has worn off quickly though. While he has learned to roll from back to front he hasn't figured out how to roll back on to his back. So at the moment life consists of me putting Teddy down on his back on his play mat. Teddy then immediately rolls onto his front. Teddy is happy there for a little while then he starts to whinge. I then go to him, pick him up, cuddle him and put him back down on his back on his play mat. This scenario repeats over and over and over again. I really want him to learn how to roll back so that he is less frustrated but then again when that happens I will have a mobile baby. Not sure I'm ready for that!
Rolling Teddy

I think Teddy's favourite person in the world is Evie. He finds her so exciting. His face just lights up when he sees her. I'm sure he is thinking "What crazy thing is she going to do now?" He is usually up before her in the morning and is super whingy until she wakes up. As soon as she walks out into the living room he is happy to sit in his bouncer and watch her play.
Teddy loves Evie

When he was younger he used to hate the car. I dreaded car trips as he would just scream the entire way. Evie was the same and hated the car until we turned her forward facing. I was worried that we were in for another 12 months of screaming in the car. But now that Teddy can see Evie he is fine in the car. He just stares at her happily for the entire car trip. The other day when Evie was at school I had to take Teddy to the doctor. I strapped him into his car seat, he looked over to Evie's car seat and cracked it big time when he realised she wasn't there.

It means poor Evie has a new role in our house as the baby entertainer. When Andrew and I are both in the middle of something and Teddy starts to cry we'll tell her "Your brother is sad, can you please sing him a song?". She's happy to oblige for the moment.

I'll share some video of Evie and Teddy interactions in my next update. We've taken video evidence of their love for each other. I'm going to show the video to Teddy and Evie in the future when they argue. I'll say "Look at this video! Look at how much you used to love each other!"

See Theodore's weekly photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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Today is November 1st and usually I'd be posting about Nablopomo. I'd be announcing my participation, explaining what it is and how crazy I was to be doing it. However, I've decided not to do it this year.

While we love our dear little Teddy very much one thing he is not is a good sleeper. Six months of sleep deprivation has hit the Wilson household pretty hard. I decided that I can't really afford to spend time stressing about posting everyday on FuShMush when I'm struggling just to cope with basic, essential stuff.

When I thought I might try to do Nablopomo I planned a few topics and even wrote a few posts. I might make November "Jess is going to post a little more than usual" month. I don't have a funky acronym for that.

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Just a quick one tonight as I'm exhausted from a busy day and evening. I'll leave you with a teaser photo from tonight's event - Diner en Blanc. I'm too tired to give you the full run down tonight. I'll write more later.
Diner en Blanc

Hurrah!!! This is the last post of NaBloPoMo. I can't believe I actually managed to complete the full 30 posts this year. Yay for me.

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