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Just a quick one tonight as I'm exhausted from a busy day and evening. I'll leave you with a teaser photo from tonight's event - Diner en Blanc. I'm too tired to give you the full run down tonight. I'll write more later.
Diner en Blanc

Hurrah!!! This is the last post of NaBloPoMo. I can't believe I actually managed to complete the full 30 posts this year. Yay for me.

jess - 30th Nov 2013, 23:31 tags: nablopomo nablopomo13 explore_sydney

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Sydney / Melbourne: Saturday morning
Project5213 Week 37

"Some weekends, Andrew and I are guilty of a bit of a parenting short cut. When Evie gets up earlier than we'd like her to, we sometimes convince her that she'd like to come to bed with us and watch some tele on the ipad. That way we get a little bit more of a lie in. We hit the jackpot when we convince her to wear her headphones too. That way I actually get to go back to sleep for a few episodes of Octonauts."

Check out Tash's day at jouljet.

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Another playdate today. This morning my school friends Brielle and Kylie came over for a visit with youngest daughters in tow.

Brielle's youngest Rosalee is 2 and a bit. Evie and Rosie spent the morning playing together. They played play doh, jumped in Evie's cot, built a farm with duplo and then did some dancing in tutus to Justine Clarke. I'm really loving this age where Evie is actually interacting with other children. Poor Rosie wasn't sure how to deal with Evie's assertiveness though (assertiveness is the "positive" word we use for bossyness). Sometimes I needed to step in and explain to Evie that Rosie is her own person and maybe she didn't want to play cubby houses / get in the cot / come here right now. Audrey is much better at coping with Evie. Audrey just rolls her eyes at Evie and says "alriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, in a minute!".
Rosie and Evie
Rosie and Evie

Kylie's youngest Lucy is only 9 and a half months. She had lots of fun crawling around and muckling stuff. It's funny how once you leave the muckling stage you kind of forget about it. Our house is definitely not baby proof. Poor Kylie spent most of the morning following Lucy about and removing baby unfriendly things from Lucy's reach. No photos of baby Lucy but here is one of the cake Kylie baked as a housewarming present. Mmmm, I love tasty presents. Thanks Kylie!

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I've gone a bit playdate crazy this week. Evie and I are catching up with friends every day of this week.

Today we were lucky to be squeezed into the Judds' Australian itinerary. Matt and his daughter Isabella met us at a park in Homebush on their way to the airport. As I write this, they are on an aeroplane home to London. I hope Matt copes with the flight. A 24-hour flight is hard enough without the added difficulty of entertaining a toddler. He's parenting solo as poor Tash had to stay at home in London because she is currently in a delicate condition.

We met Matt and his wife Tash in London and bonded over our shared antipodean heritage (Tash is a Kiwi). They often joined us on our touristy, dinky outings. They travelled with us on our very last mini-break to Normandy.

Pretty much at the same time as we made the decision to move home from London to have kids, Tash and Matt made the decision to stay in London and aim for permanent residency (and have kids). Little English babies! (Having Australian, Kiwi and English heritage, sportswise they will be very conflicted children. Although technically their team(s) will always win... and lose).
Andrew, Jess, Matt and Tash

After 3 years apart, it was so nice to catch up with Matt and finally meet his daughter Izzy. Evie and Izzy are only 6 months apart and even played nicely together. I'm sure the Judds will move home eventually and we will be able to see them more frequently.

Izzy and Evie
Izzy and Evie

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We had a mini Mother's group meet up this morning. It's been ages since we've all been together. Our kiddies have grown up so much. They are no longer babies; they are now children.

We managed to take a photo of the kids together this morning. The last time we did that was at our Christmas gathering in 2011. What a difference a couple of years makes! Sadly, Joshie is missing from the 2011 photo as his mother respects him too much to dress him up as a Christmas elf *G*.
Santa and his helpers
Jake, Evie, Euan and Eddy

MGroup November 2013
Jake, Josh, Euan, Evie and Eddy

jess - 26th Nov 2013, 18:52 tags: nablopomo nablopomo13 evie mgroup

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