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I'm so glad we've been taking monthly photos of Evie and Teddy together. I understand that Teddy is growing but it wasn't until we sat him on Evie's lap this morning that I understood just how huge he is now. Also, I know I'm totally biased, but how cute are the photos from this month! You all just have to nod and agree now.
August: Evie + Teddy

August: Evie + Teddy August: Evie + Teddy

Here are the photos starting from the beginning:
May: Evie and Teddy June: Evie and Teddy
July: Evie and Teddy August: Evie + Teddy

See Evie and Teddy's monthly photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

jess - 26th Aug 2014, 19:57 tags: kids evie teddy

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We call him Teddy, if you ask Jess, or Theo, if you ask Andrew. Evie is not sure what to make of it all. We think she was most excited about having a sleepover at Nan and TD's house.

Theodore arrived on the 17th April at 12:43 pm after a mad dash to the hospital down Victoria Road. He was born on his due date. Fancy that! A punctual Wilson boy. He weighed in at 3.5 kg and was 50 cm long. Jess is extremely pleased that she never has to give birth again (hooray!).

Andrew and Jess are enjoying spending some quality bonding time with their son in hospital.
Theodore Samuel Bede

jess - 18th Apr 2014, 06:48 tags: teddy kids new_bubba


We had a lovely Sunday brunch at the Stuarts a couple of Sundays ago. Brunch is almost civilised again. The kidlets all sat a table and munched on pancakes, bacon and fruit.

We're teaching Evie to ask "Please may I leave the table?" when she's finished eating. This way at least she's polite and respectful when she rejects my cooking. It doesn't quite sound right when Evie says it though. The words all run into one another.

I say brunch was almost civilised as it never used to feature pooey nappies. We'll get there one day.

Andrew and I dusted off the DSLR and got some photos of the kiddies. Our little babies are growing up so quickly.

Elliot, Andrew and Evie

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

Today, I'm linking with Essentially Jess's I Blog On Tuesdays (IBOT).

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It's been awhile since I've done an Evie update. I want to keep blogging about Evie's milestones as a record for us and for Evie. I turned the first year of fushmush Evie posts into a baby book for her. Evie loves looking through the book though she doesn't understand that it's her. When you ask who is in the photos she says "baby!".
Evie's baby book Evie's baby book
Evie's baby book Evie's baby book

Evie's new catch phrase is "by myself". She likes to walk down the stairs "by myself", eat yoghurt "by myself" and build duplo towers "by myself". She's also started to want to read her bedtime stories "by myself". It's so cute. All her stories start "Once upon a day....".

Unfortunately, "by myself" sometimes turns into shouting and crying. She gets really frustrated if she isn't able to do it independently and she won't accept my help. Ah, the joys of toddlerhood.
By myself By myself By myself

Evie has also picked up Mummy's habit of using over the top adjectives to describe situations. The other morning when I was talking about what we would do that morning - nappy change, breakfast, play with Duplo farm - Evie responded with "perfect!". She murmurs "mmm delicious...." to herself as she eats the most ordinary of meals (at least she enjoys Mummy's cooking!). The other day Evie decided that "Awesome!" was going to be her new word of the day. I rang Andrew so she could tell Daddy "awesome!" on the phone. It's my fault as I tend to overuse that particular word.

Living on the third floor has certainly helped Evie learn how to count. We often count the stairs on each flight as we walk down to the ground floor. Evie's had 1 to 10 down for a bit but she surprised us the other day by continuing up to 14. We read lots of books which count through the numbers 1 to 10 but we haven't really focused on anything after 10. I'm always at amazed at how quickly and easily they pick new things up. She's picked up the numbers after 10 from somewhere.

With the number of photos we take we may have created a little attention seeker. Evie often stops and says "Mummy. Photo please." She then happily poses, says "cheese" and will run over to look at the photo. The result is 5 million photos on my iphone which look like this. Evie doesn't quite understand that it's the "eeeeeese" part of cheese which makes the smile.
Evie Evie Evie

However, here is a nice photo requested by Evie where she actually managed to smile.

Read the rest of the Growing Evie posts here.

jess - 25th Feb 2013, 05:37 tags: evie kids growing_evie


I know New Year's Eve was a long time ago but I have one more story to share.

While we were away we hit up what is apparently Port Stephen's number one tourist attraction the Australian Shark and Ray Centre. The highlight of the centre is that you can feed the sharks and rays that live there. You can even pay a little extra to jump in the water with them. We opted for the dry experience though.

The rays were pretty keen to eat and would propel themselves out of the water trying to get the food. We were instructed by the staff at the centre to tease them rather then feed them lest they get too fat and lazy.
Ray feeding

I think we went a little early on this one. Evie was a little young to appreciate it and at $30 a head it was a little exey. I think an older child (5 - 10) would love it though and the "wet experience" looks like lots of fun.
Campbells Andrew and Evie Brendan and Elliot

It did lead to one of my favourite photos from our week away though. Stingray feeding led to a conversation about the "stingray photobomb" (if you don't know what this is go here, you sheltered, sheltered people). Stingray photobomb was then used in our game of (fruit) salad bowl which then led to this funny photo of Sue and Clare. The pavlova stingray photobomb is the new photobomb. Somehow I don't think it's going to catch on.
Sting ray photobomb plus pavlova Sting ray photobomb plus pavlova

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

jess - 21st Feb 2013, 22:09 tags: nye nye12 kids

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