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I gave the Veitch girls their birthday presents the other day so I'm finally able to post what I made for them. I've been making handmade presents for the girls for more than a decade. I think they are still appreciated.

The girls are my present road testers. I try out new ideas on them. If it's a success and easy enough to make I add it to the present ideas vault. Hannah and Sarah were the first to receive towel capes. They are also the only ones to have received sequined towel capes (ugh, sewing sequins on takes forever!). Eliana received the first ever lambykins.

This year I made the girls notepad holders using this tutorial from LBG studio. They were really easy to make and I could whip one up during one afternoon nap sewing session. This one is definitely going into the present idea vault. The big pocket is the perfect size for an iphone. I think I might make a few to keep in my present box.
Handmade: Notepad Holders

Handmade: Notepad Holders Handmade: Notepad Holders Handmade: Notepad Holders
Handmade: Notepad Holders

Eliana read Evie her current favourite bedtime story. Do you know who sank the boat?
Eliana reading to Evie

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Now I've finished uni I've had a bit of spare time to do what I love... sew and craft (with a bit of tele watching thrown in for good measure. I just finished watching Dance Academy... next up Downton Abbey Season 2.)

For Sarah, Hannah and Eliana's birthdays I made personalised place mats. I used a tutorial from Moda Bakeshop. Recently I'd been putting off a visit with the Veitch family as I hadn't had a chance to finish the project. I like to give the girls hand made presents each year and so I really wanted to finish them.

The place mats are pretty easy to make as they are just precut squares sewed together and quilted. I love the binding part (sewing the border on) of quilting as this is all hand sewing. I really enjoy sewing while sitting in front of the tele.
Personalised place mats

Originally Sarah's place mat was more pink, but on our last catch up with the Veitch family the girls told me how much they hated pink. I had to do some quick modifying of Sarah's place mat to try to make it less pink and more red. I'm sure they liked pink last year. It's a bit hard to keep up with favourite colours.

I also finished a newborn quilt. This one was gifted to Zoe. It has patchwork on one side and yellow fleece on the back. I bought the fabric because of the bunny. There is just the one but it is very cute.
Zoe's newborn blanket

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Eliana turned six in July. Happy Birthday Eliana!

Way back in 2006, when the twins turned four, I gifted them pencil rolls and personalised pencils and textas. I figured since Eliana started Kindy this year that it was about time she got her own set of personalised pencils and textas. To put these in I whipped up a personalised pencil case as well. Eliana has an uncommon name so it's difficult to find things such as name plates with her full name. I thought she'd appreciate her personalised gifts.
Gift: Personalised pencils

Truthfully, I didn't just whip up the pencil case. I kind of left it to the last minute to make her gift. At the moment I'm not really at my best at the end of the day, so when I finished sewing Eliana's name I had a little mishap with the scissors. This mishap left a hole in the pencil case I then had to patch up. The little star above Eliana's name covers this accident. It almost looks like it's there on purpose. By the time I repaired my stuff up it was really late at night and I was exhausted. My very talented husband offered to finish the pencil case for me before I managed to ruin anything else. So this year's gift was a combined effort.
Gift: Personalised pencil case

Along with the pencil case, pencils and textas, we also gave her a couple of how to draw books - I Can Draw People and Ed Emberly's Drawing Book of Animals.
Gift: Pencil case and How to draw books

The last part of the present was this super cool tshirt from Threadless. It lists fun rhyming ways to say goodbye. I can't decide whether my favourite farewell is "Peace out, river trout" or "Best wishes, little fishes".

Peace out, river trout.

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

jess - 11th Sep 2011, 09:01 tags: hsev gift_guide craft

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The Wilson family visited with the Veitch family on the weekend. Sarah and Hannah recently marked their 9th birthday so I decided to make celebratory cupcakes (any excuse for caaaaaake.) I went all out girly and decorated the cupcakes with pink icing, love hearts and ballerinas.
Cupcakes: Ballerina
Sarah Eliana Hannah

My theme ended up being particularly pertinent as Hannah and Sarah had completed a ballet exam the day before. For the exam the twins had to have their hair up, plaited into a bun. The twins liked it so much that they had kept it in and were planning to wear it to school to show it off. I can understand why; it looked very elegant.

We also gave the twins a birthday present. I usually try to hand make something but unfortunately I'm a little time poor at the moment. So instead we gave them a t-shirt, a book, some earrings and a little coin purse. I solved my no wrapping paper conundrum by turning the t-shirt into wrapping paper. It actually worked quite well so I'll be reusing that idea in the future.
Hannah and Sarah

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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The Veitch family came over on Sunday for a visit and a swim. It was the opportunity to finally give the girls their Christmas presents.

For Eliana I made a tutu using this no-sew tutu tutorial. It was as easy as tying pieces of tulle to an elastic. There really is no sewing necessary. (I did sew the elastic band rather than stapling it as the instructions suggested).

I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It's very pretty and poufy. I stayed away from pink and picked purple and teal coloured tulle. I think this colour combination works really well together. (I find when there are three little girls in a family it's best to try to avoid pink so as to prevent any possible arguments over who gets what.)
Handmade: Tutu

I also made a bag for the tutu to go in. I used a very pretty fabric that has little twirling ballerinas on it. I've had the fabric in my stash for ages! I finally found a project worthy to cut into the fabric. You really couldn't ask for a more perfect bag for a tutu.
Handmade: Bag for Tutu Eliana

Originally the twins were also going to get tutus but since they got tutus for their dancing concert last year, I had to come up with a different idea for Hannah and Sarah. When I did my prac last year, a little girl in my Kindy class brought in a cute hair clip holder that her mother had made for her. It was a little pillow with a ribbon hanging from it on which you could clip your hair clips. I had filed that one away in my inspiration vaults for later use. When the tutus were a no go I decided to give this project a go. After a little bit of research on Etsy, I whipped up a couple of hair clip holders for Sarah and Hannah.
Handmade: Hair clip holder Handmade:  Hair clip holder

Then I kind of overstretched myself on this project. I've been trying hard not to use wrapping paper anymore which means that we actually have no wrapping paper in the house. I've found substitute wrapping paper for adults (tea towels) and babies (muslin wraps) but still haven't found an easy substitute for the kids. Late on Saturday evening I realised that I didn't have anything with which to wrap Hannah and Sarah's presents. So I decided to sew a couple of drawstring bags to put their presents in. The bags only take half an hour or so to make but I have to make my own cord which is a little bit fiddly. I'm going to have to find a better (easier!) wrapping paper solution for the kids.
Handmade: Enviro wrapping

Tutus and hair clip holders. I really wish I knew more little girls because I'm not going to be able to recycle these present ideas for most of the children I know. I don't think Oscar or Leo are going to be requesting tutus any time soon.

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