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*fushie sings* The Hills are alive, with the sound of frisBEEEE!

What does Frisbee sound like? It sounds like this: "beautiful Huck!", "run through", "hawt D", "nice pressure", "clear out", "great grab".

Last Sunday, Andrew and I played in the Hills Hoist, a hat tournament held in the Hills district. At a Hat tournament, players are spread across different teams by experience, in an attempt to have the teams evenly matched. A bit like the names were drawn from a "hat", but with some judicious juggling.

In accordance with the "hills" theme, the teams for the day were named in honour of The Sound of Music. Seven teams were named for the children of the Von Trapp family: Liesl, Friedrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta and Gretl. The eighth team was named The Lonely Goat.

The format of the day had us split into two pools of four teams. We played three 45 minute pool games before lunch, and two 60 minute knockouts after. Both my team Gretl, and Andrew's team "Lucious" Louisa, managed to lose both knockouts, and we met in the 7/8 playoff.

Before we started, one team had to change into dark coloured shirts. Andrew's team, who had played in light all day, were willing to negotiate to keep their light shirts on. A deal was struck - a two point start for Gretl changing into dark shirts.

Almost on cue, the game scores were tied after an hour of tough ultimate, and team Gretl reminded "Lucious" of their "shirt swapping bonus 2 points". Hurrah! Team Gretl were declared the winners (well, 7th place getters) leaving Louisa with the wooden spoon.

Our pre-game strip tease had definitely been worth it. For once, I had managed to beat Andrew at something. Not to be out done, Louisa took out the Spirit prize. (photos)

jess - 30th Aug 2005, 11:11 tags: ultimate hat hills_hoist

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