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I wouldn't call myself a foodie exactly but I do love lists. I also like checking things off lists. So when Caitlin linked to a post about Sydney's tastiest lamington and asked for volunteers to test the claim, I put my hand up immediately.

Sydney's best lamington is apparently at Single Origin Roasters in Surry Hills. Who decided this? David Lebovitz, an American food blogger, who calls Paris home. He taste tested a few lamingtons while visiting Sydney on holidays. So I'm not really sure just how qualified he is to make decisions on Sydney's best lamington.

Anyways, I love lamingtons and ridiculous claims and Caitlin and I were overdue a catchup so we made a date for morning tea at Single Origin Roasters. Andrew also loves lamingtons and coffee so he tagged along too.
Lamington Caitlin and Evie Latte art

So is it Sydney's best lamington? Well it was good but it wasn't hugely better than those I've had from bakeries, Vietnamese bread shops or even from a chain like Michel's pattisserie. I guess lamingtons aren't that hard to make. It's just sponge cake covered in chocolate and coconut after all.

While the lamington wasn't mind blowingly awesome it was lovely to catch up with Caitlin and to see how much Poppy and Edward have grown. They are almost one and heading into toddlerhood. It goes so quickly.
Poppy and Edward

Caitlin also blogged her review of the lamingtons at Single Origin Roasters on her blog, Roaming Tales

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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Apparently this site is just about travel, weddings and cupcakes now. So to fit into the new theme, here are some more pics of baking I've done in recent weeks.

I baked these butterfly cupcakes for a uni friends BBQ a couple of weekends ago. The decorating idea came from Australian Women's Weekly's (AWW) Cupcakes by Colour. I wasn't really happy with how they turned out. They looked better in the book. AWW were able to get their butterfly wings to "flex" a little bit.
Cupcakes: Butterfly cupcakes

On Sunday, we had a picnic in the park with the Veitches. It was an excuse to go all out with a very pink, very girly cupcake. Pink polka-dot wrappers, pink icing and loveheart sweets. The girls loved them. Well, they thought they were very pretty. They didn't eat them though; they just licked the icing off the top. I'm figuring out that kids don't actually eat cupcakes.
I'm yours

More photos of our picnic in the park (slideshow) and cupcakes (slideshow) on Flickr.

jess - 3rd May 2010, 15:42 tags: cupcakes food hsev baking


Last weekend it was Christina's turn to celebrate her last days as a single woman. For her hen's celebration we headed to the David Jones Australian Derby Day at Randwick race courses. Unfortunately, our point and shoot gave up the ghost a few weeks ago so I wasn't able to take any photos during the day. So, the photos from the day will be forthcoming.

I can show you what I baked for the day though. I baked caramel mud(cup)cakes and topped them with dark chocolate icing. I decorated them in a Looooooooove theme. I took photos of my cupcake creations before leaving the house which was a good idea because once packed in my rolly esky, they got bounced around a bit on the journey. Oops! They didn't look quite this good when I brought them out at dessert time. They tasted just as good though!

Cupcakes: A hearts C
Cupcakes: A hearts C

jess - 15th Apr 2010, 09:37 tags: baking cupcakes adam christina wedding hens food

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In between uni assignments (3 down in 3 weeks, 4 to go!) I managed to fit in some Easter baking. Bakerella.com is a great inspiration for all things cupcakes and her Easter ideas are very cute. I decided to try out her Easter basket cupcakes to take to our Good Friday family gathering.
Easter Basket Cupcakes
Easter Basket Cupcakes Easter Basket Cupcakes Easter Basket Cupcakes

I'm not 100% happy with how they turned out. I searched high and low for a lolly that I could use for the basket handle. The closest thing I could find were cola lassos and they weren't stiff enough to stand up on their own. So I guess they aren't really Easter baskets.

The boys didn't care though. Anything to do with chocolate and lollies was welcome. Oscar and Leo ate the lollies off the top of their cakes. Leo ate some of the icing on his (Oscar doesn't like icing... weirdo). Then they both put their cupcakes aside for later. They had been overloaded with sweet stuff throughout the day. The adults were less discerning.
Cupcake! Oscar Leo

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

jess - 6th Apr 2010, 12:11 tags: easter easter10 kids oscar leo cupcakes food baking


This year, to celebrate Andrew's birthday we went to see Avatar 3D at IMAX. Here we are in our 3D glasses. Don't we look sexy! The movie was pretty good. The story wasn't anything new (um... pocahontas anyone?) but it was well-paced and there were enough action sequences to keep me amused. The 3D technology was impressive. Andrew gives it 4.5 stars out of 5 (which is a big recommendation from him).
sexy 3D glasses

After the movie we headed to dinner at Wagaya in Haymarket. We'd picked this dinner spot for one reason... sushi roulette. How does it work? Well you order a plate of 6 salmon nigiri except there is a catch. One of the nigiris has double the amount of wasabi than normal. So, one lucky diner cops a fiery mouthful of sushi.
sushi roulette

The participants in our round of sushi roulette were Sue, Andrew, Simon, Clare, Brendan and Adam.
sushi roulette participants

Who was the lucky winner? You'll have to watch the video to find out.

Thanks to GrabYourFork for the restaurant recommendation.

jess - 13th Jan 2010, 16:10 tags: birthdays andrew food quirky summer10


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