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We had a very grown up Christmas day this year. Well, if you can call a Christmas where you get a pillow case of presents from Santa grown up. We had our traditional breakfast of eggs, smoked salmon and caviar but this year we sat at the table. As we opened presents we put the wrapping paper straight into the bin rather than amassing it in a big pile in the middle of the room. Emily (4 years old, but she's going to big school next year) was the only person under 18 at our traditional Christmas family lunch.

We did engage in a little childishness later that evening. We visited Ben and Janet and played a rowdy round of Rapidoh. Actually, they played... I abstained. Last time we played Rapidoh I almost passed out from the stress of the game. This time, I shouted helpful advice from the sidelines... "It's a ball! It's a stick!". (photos)

jess - 3rd Jan 2005, 11:11 tags: christmas christmas04 christmas_day

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How many times do you think we can celebrate Christmas? Well, so far we've had: Carols @ Jacksons Landing, Christmas dinner with friends, BookCrossing Christmas brunch, work Christmas party. Now we can add two more festivities to the list.

Over Christmas, my family is scattering to the four corners of Australia. As we're not all going to be together on Christmas Day we had a couple of events so we could exchange gifts and celebrate Christmas with the family. Last weekend we had lunch with the extended family (photos) and on Tuesday evening we had dinner with TD, Mum, Paddy, Annie, Richie and Oscar (photos).

Oscar has finally learnt the meaning of the word present. When Andrew and I arrived he asked, "nany present?" (another present?). He is a very peculiar little boy, though. After he opens each present, he likes to play with the gift... for half an hour or so. We started to open presents at 7.30 pm and an hour later we'd only managed to open a few. He actually chucked a tantrum because he didn't want to open any more presents; he just wanted to play with the ones that were already open. How many kids would chuck a tantrum because they have more presents to open? He has a whole pillow case full of presents from Mum and TD. It's going to take him at least a week to open them all!

jess - 24th Dec 2004, 11:11 tags: oscar christmas christmas04 kids

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Last week we had our work Christmas party at Epoque, the Belgian beer café at Cammeray. As there are only 3 people in my new company (including me!), we combined forces with the company next door (all four of them) and Andrew was allowed to tag along.

Last time we dined at Epoque we were disappointed. Great beer, great food...atrocious service. We were hoping they would redeem themselves this time round. Unfortunately, it was not too be; once again their service was not up to standard. I understand that it is Christmas Party time and the restaurant was very crowded, but how many times do I have to ask for a wine menu? (Three times apparently. When it was delivered it was left on a chair at the table and I wasn't told it was there) Maybe we've just been unlucky. It's one of Natalie's favourite restaurants; she must have a reason why she likes it. I'm sure Natalie wouldn't put up with bad service.

During the evening we had an argument over Kylie Minogue and whether she's had any work done. I was adamant, "Yes, she's had plastic surgery!", Rachel was determined, "No she hasn't!". Of course Kylie denies that she's gone under the knife. Which side of the Kylie debate would you take? Fantastic plastic or au naturel?

jess - 23rd Dec 2004, 11:11 tags: christmas christmas04 esit

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At Christmas time we observe a number of traditions. Some were started years ago, like the Santa photo Davina and I sit for each year (since we were 15) or eating a breakfast of eggs, caviar and smoked salmon with my family on Christmas morning (since before I can remember. Although, I've only been partaking in the caviar since I growed up.) On the weekend, we had the traditional Christmas dinner with our close friends. We ate, we drank, we exchanged gifts... we were merry!

When I look back through the photos it seems our Christmas dinner event originally started in 2001. Four years is a pretty good run, I think we can officially classify it as a "tradition". It's very important to spend time with our family and friends at Christmas, and give thanks for the wonderful people in our life. Thanks Sue and J for hosting the dinner and giving us an opportunity to celebrate Christmas with our friends. We have a fantastic time each year, let's hope this tradition survives! (photos)


I've come to the conclusion that Canadians are a very rude nationality. First of all, they have a store called "roots", which has a children's version, "roots kids". Secondly, every now and again Sarah will say something that will have the group guffawing with laughter. I can't actually repeat some of these things as FuShMuSh has a PG "Jess's family reads this website" rating. However, I do have one example I can share with everybody. Apparently in Canada, if you're feeling a bit hungover or seedy it's perfectly acceptable to say "I'm feeling a bit raunchy" to just about anybody. When Sarah said to Sue the other day "I'm feeling a little raunchy this morning", Sue's reply was "too much information thanks, maybe you should share that tidbit with Duncan". Poor Sarah, it's a conversational minefield!

jess - 15th Dec 2004, 11:11 tags: christmas christmas04 f-christmas f-christmas04

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Photos are now up from Carols @ Jacksons Landing. The Royal Australian Navy Band boogied down, Andrew O'Keefe, the carols' host, cracked really lame jokes and we danced and sang along to Christmas classics such as It's raining men, Dancing Queen and I still call Australia home. It was a really fun evening. (photos)

jess - 6th Dec 2004, 11:11 tags: christmas christmas04 jcarols jcarols04

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