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I can be spontaneous! (and I can spell it too)

Most people who know me well, know that I'm not exactly the most spontaneous of people. Andrew can usually identify a restaurant by the dish that I always eat when we go there (butter chicken, udon noodle soup, wrapped pad thai etc.) but last Saturday night was a deviation from normal Jess behaviour.

On Saturday, I got my hair cut, coloured and blow-dried in the morning. At about 5pm, after an afternoon of uni work, I thought "I'm not going to waste my hairdo on a night of uni work!" and decided that we must go out. There is a new restaurant in town that I wanted to try so I informed Andrew of our plans for the evening. A conversation with Sue revealed that she and J were heading into town for a movie and were also thinking of eating at the same new restaurant (coincidence?!). And there you have it! Plans for a dinner out with friends without even really trying.

Chef's Gallery is the new restaurant we all wanted to try. I had read about it on GrabYourFork the other day and there was only one reason that I wanted to go there. They have these amazing little Piggy buns that you can have for dessert. You get two piggies in a serving. One is a boy and one is a girl - she is wearing a bow. So cute!
Chefs Gallery: Piggies
Chefs Gallery: Boy piggy
Chefs Gallery: Girl piggy

They also have pumpkin pastries. We originally tried these in Shanghai and have never seen them again. The detail on these desserts is amazing.
Chefs Gallery: Pumpkins

jess - 12th Sep 2010, 21:44 tags: explore_sydney social


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Helen l grabyourfork says:
13th Sep 2010, 01:49
We seem to have been the only table that received two girl piggies, but really we weren't complaining. The girls are much cuter and that ribbon is oh-so-cute and detailed! The pumpkins are awesome too.

jess says:
13th Sep 2010, 08:50
Hi Helen! Thanks for the restaurant recommendation. It was worth heading out for the piggies. So cute :D

Goldy says:
13th Sep 2010, 09:51
It has to be said... Pigs!

Em says:
13th Sep 2010, 14:44
Wow. They are the coolest looking desserts I've seen in ages! Hmmm hungry...

Sue says:
13th Sep 2010, 23:14
I loved the collective squeal the table gave when the pigs arrived. Pigs are now my phone screensaver :)

jess says:
14th Sep 2010, 09:40
well, the girls squealed. I don't think the boys did.

Caitlin says:
25th Sep 2010, 04:35
Very cute! Can we get photos of the new hairstyle too, please? Surely it was the pigs who squealed?

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