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Project 52: Week 32

London: Thursday evening - Summer. Sydney: Friday morning - Winter.

"This month, for our theatre venture, we booked tickets for Hello Dolly at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre. Unfortunately, our night at the theatre coincided with a torrential summer rain storm. The words Open Air and downpour are not words that really complement each other. Especially, as the theatre doesn't have a roof, not even a covering over the stage.

Luckily the theatre does have a wet weather policy; they cancel the show if it looks like it's going to rain all evening. You then get a rain check on your ticket (which is a totally appropriate term for this situation). However, you have to show up in person to find out if it's cancelled, so Natalie, Gemma and I still had to make the trek to the theatre from Baker St station through the deluge. Even though I was wearing a rain jacket and carrying an umbrella by the time I made it to the theatre I was soaked through.

When we arrived we had a quick look at the stage and it was flooded. People sitting in the front row would have been resting their feet in a knee-deep puddle. Of course, the show was cancelled and then we had to trek back through the rain to Baker St.

I blame myself for the inclement weather; my socks control the weather. All my socks have patterns on them and I've found that the weather often mirrors the pattern on my socks. I was wearing socks with fishies on them so of course it had to rain. We joked that the fishies were keen to swim in the front row puddle. Sorry for the downpour London!"

Project 52: Week 32 Project 52: Week 32

Here is a little video that I took of our walk through the rain. After a while, we realised that it was going to be impossible to stay dry and so we embraced our wetness. We started to jump in the puddles we found along the way. Jumping in the puddles = fun. Damp tube ride home = not so fun.

Check out Sue's day at noodlebowl.net and her photos on Flickr.

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