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Cliffs of Insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanity

In the west of Ireland in County Clare are the Cliffs of Moher. But Andrew and I like to call them the Cliffs of Insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanity.

Yes, the main point of interest for Andrew and I was the fact that they featured in the movie The Princess Bride.

(Yes, they are pretty impressive, extremely tall and very dramatic. But, Ireland's number one tourist attraction? Surely not.)

Danger: cliffs Enjoying the sunshine
Please do not go beyond this point Cliffs of Moher

More photos on Flickr...

This post is part of the Paddywagon series. We did a 6-day tour around Ireland with Paddywagon. It was grand; the craic was great. Other entries from this trip include: The Gift of the Gab, Manworld: power tools and beer and Bombs away....

jess - 30th Jun 2008, 16:09 tags: travel paddywagon ireland cliffs_of_moher

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