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Winter Vomiting Virus

I know, things have been awfully quiet here on FuShMuSh. Apparently, I have the worst immune system in the world as a couple of days ago I was struck down the Winter Vomiting Virus (Yes! It has its own name.) My poor Andrew succumbed shortly after I did. We've spent the past couple of days sleeping and feeling sorry for ourselves. We're on the mend now. Maybe tomorrow I may even consider getting out of my pyjamas and having a shower. It's the fourth time I've been sick this Winter season. Not... happy... Jan!

Here are some photos of a sweet dessert to tide you over. The ice-cream snowman was the special winter dessert at Abeno Too, a Japanese okonomiyaki restaurant. Two scoops of ice-cream on a pancake with some special snowman decorations. Unfortunately, like all snowmen, he melted. Luckily, unlike all snowmen, he was delicious. Delicious and cute!

Ice-cream Snowman Ice-cream Snowman
aw, so sad

Happy Australia Day!

jess - 26th Jan 2008, 11:11 tags: london jess andrew

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