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The GoogleFU is weak in this one

*yay* FuShMuSh is back up after 3 days of downtime....

When we were in Ballarat on the long weekend we watched Who Wants to be a Millionaire. One poor individual, was stuck on a question about the colour of the Quarrantine flag flown on a ship. He had already used his ask-the-audience lifeline on a question about this years gold logie winner (which he had apparently watched, georgie parker! duh!). So he decided to use his 50/50 life line and the options were limited to Black and Yellow. His gut instinct was yellow, but still not completely sure it was time for his phone-a-friend life line, Eddy called the friend, the contestant read the question, tick-tock-tick-tock, just before the phone hangs up, the phone-a-friend yells, do you have the option blue!!!! *grin* we all thought this was very funny.

So what had happened, was the phone-a-friend had typed in some of the question keywords into google, hoping that google would bring up a hit showing the answer. Obviously, this hadn't worked very well. The contestant went on to answer the question, choosing option --> BLACK and as we all (now) know the quarrantine flag colour is YELLOW. And so he went home with a measly $1000 instead of a possible million (or mullion as Eddy says).

How funny is this! Yesterday I was reading web journals at work (as I often do when I'm bored) and I came across this one! This a webjournal written by someone who was actually a part of the phone-a-friend group. And here is the webjournal written by the contestant. I must say that the phone-a-friend people were pretty silly. They typed the keywords quarrantine-flag-ship into Google. Considering the question was about the colour of the quarrantine flag, you'd think you'd type the words quarrantine-flag-colour. Obviously not frequent google users.

jess - 21st Jun 2002, 11:11 tags: quirky

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