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New Restaurants

In recent weeks we've trialled several restaurants in different areas of London. Each restaurant served a cuisine from a different area of the world. We tried Greek influenced Tapas in West Hampstead, hot and spicy Malaysian in Soho, veggie South Indian in Hammersmith and authentic Japanese in China Town.
  • Sirous Tapas Bar - We took Juzzy and Bernie out to dinner as a "thank you for letting us sleep on your sofa bed". Sirous is billed as a Spanish Tapas restaurant and standards such as sangria, chorizo and paella all made an appearance on the menu. However, we could also choose from haloumi and lamb skewers, so there must be a Greek influence somewhere in the kitchen. An enjoyable meal. (Apart from the cigarette smoke which seems to be an inevitable part of dining in London.)

  • Melati - After viewing the Christmas lights, Juzzy took us to Melati, one of his favourite restaurants. It is somewhere in the backstreets of Soho. After many twists and turns I was thoroughly lost. The food was delicious but a little spicy for me. (Basically it means it was typical Malaysian food.) Andrew ordered the Laksa and almost choked when a whole chilli went down the wrong way. (Did you know that the Soho name is derived from a shortening of Somerset House, a grand palace built in 1547, south of the Strand,. The name first appears in 17th century.)

  • Sagar - Sagar is one of three TimeOut Critic's Choice restaurants in our area. I love South Indian Cuisine, and Dosai (Indian lentil pancakes) is one of my favourite Indian dishes. Although the restaurant was strictly vegetarian (oh no! no meat!), the carnivores in our group were not left hungry at the end of the meal. We did experience meal envy though when we saw one table receive a dosai that was the size of a bed sheet. (Maybe I exaggerate just a little, but it was pretty big.)

  • Tokyo Diner - Tash suggested that we try this restaurant because she thought it might serve authentic Japanese cuisine. Of course, she didn't base her decision after seeing a menu or having a peek at the dishes delivered to diners. She decided on its authenticity on the basis that it looked like it had been transplanted straight from Tokyo to London. After seeing the restaurant, I had to agree. It had a pine coloured wooden facade, blue flags with Japanese writing hanging from the doorway, and most importantly its entrance was an automatic sliding door which was activated by a grey button. (All those who've been to Japan will understand what I'm talking about.) So did it serve authentic Japanese food? I had the Miso soup and the chicken katsu donburi. Both dishes were very tasty and worthy of a Sydney Japanese restaurant. But, I didn't try the sashimi or sushi which is always the ultimate test. We will return!

clean plates @ Sirous Laksa @ Melati Nat loves dosai too @ Sagar Mango Kulfi @ Sagar Tash @ Tokyo Diner

(Happy Birthday Janet!)

jess - 16th Nov 2006, 11:11 tags: nablopomo nablopomo06 food greek malaysian indian japanese

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