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Jess's Hints and Tips for a tantalising, tempting and tasty Gingerbread House

  1. Gather all the materials you'll require for making and decorating the house. Think about your colour scheme in advance and check that you have enough of everything. If you run out freckles, halfway through your freckle feature wall then your house will look silly!

  2. Fill your piping bag (a snaplock bag in our case) with icing and snip off a corner of the bag. Do not fill the bag with too much icing because when you squeeze the piping bag, the icing will come out both ends of the bag.

  3. When you find the icing coming out both ends of the bag, coating your hands and fingers, resist the temptation to lick the icing off your hands. Use a tissue to clean your hands or you'll go home at the end of the night feeling very ill.

  4. Use the icing as glue, and stick the sides of your house together and then add the roof. Use pins to secure the house until the icing dries. Make sure you also use pins to secure the roof of the house. Otherwise, your roof will fall off while you're decorating the house. (yes! It happened to me.)

  5. Decorate your house with lollies. I subscribe to a theory of "more is more!". A house covered in lollies not only looks good, but tastes great when you eventually eat it.

  6. When you are satisfied with your decorations, lightly dust your house with icing sugar. The icing sugar represents snow. If you forget this step you can always say "my house is an Australian gingerbread house, it doesn't snow here at Christmas". No one will be any the wiser.

  7. Remove the pins you've used to secure the house during the decorating stage. If you're worried about the house falling over, you can leave the pins in. However, do not forget to take the pins out before you eat it!

  8. Wrap your house in cellophane and add a big bow.

Thanks Heather for once again inviting me to this fantastic event. Thanks also, for allowing my rowdy rabble of friends to come along too. (photos)

jess - 23rd Nov 2004, 11:11 tags: food craft gingerbread_house christmas christmas04

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