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Christmas Day 2013

Well, Christmas is well and truly gone so I don't think I can post in detail about Christmas Day anymore. This year was a Daley year so we were all at Copa with the full complement of Daleys (plus a few extras). Mum and Dad rented a second house for the week so we weren't all squished into one place.

We had another overcast, rainy Christmas day this year (joining 2009 and 2012). I don't mind the rain because it's easier to spend the day in the kitchen when everyone else isn't at the beach.

Evie was super excited on Christmas morning to discover that Santa had delivered her an orange scooter. She was also pretty enthusiastic with the present opening. I think she will be all over the presents next year.
Scooter Evie Evie
Audrey and Evie
Evie and Audrey

I started a couple of new Christmas traditions this year. The kiddies were able to unwrap a couple of presents on Christmas Eve. They all got brand new pyjamas to wear to bed on Christmas eve.
Christmas pyjamas Christmas pyjamas
Christmas pyjamas

We also unwrapped a new Christmas book to read before bedtime. We read How Santa Got his Job by Stephen Krensky and S. D. Schindler. A sweet story about the different jobs Santa tried to do before he realised his true calling.
Christmas Eve story

And we continued our tradition of taking a family photo on Christmas Day. Here is this year's effort (and links to 2012 and 2011 for comparison).
Family photo

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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Caitlin says:
24th Jan 2014, 15:44
These are delightful photos. I love making traditions for my family - we have one coming up this weekend. An Australia Day watertight with our family and friends. The kids love it and look forward to it. My husband keeps trying to get out of it, (He isn't much into traditions) but the kids won't let me!

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