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Cupcakes: Halloween

Now that I'm on uni break I've got more time for fun stuff. Yay! I couldn't pass up a chance to make Halloween cupcakes. Especially as Sarah and Duncan gave me a great book, Zombie Cupcakes, to use as inspiration. After seeing Not Quite Nigella's Haunted House cupcakes, I knew that I wanted to try them out too.
Cupcakes: Halloween

I think they turned out pretty well. The cake bit is gluten-free vanilla cupcakes. The tops are yellow coloured fondant decorated with black food colouring. The decorations were a Wilson team effort. Andrew is a much better artist than me so he drew the haunted houses using a food colouring pen. I then completed the pictures (by colouring in between the lines. I'm so clever!).
Cupcakes: Halloween Cupcakes: Halloween Cupcakes: Halloween

One mishap. The black food colouring didn't dry properly on the cupcake toppers so everyone who ate them ended up with black lips (oops!). Not sure what I need to do to make the colouring set.

jess - 3rd Nov 2011, 20:41 tags: cupcakes baking halloween nablopomo nablopomo11


Comments (2):

sue says:
3rd Nov 2011, 21:29
I think the black lips is an awesome halloween after effect! It's a feature not a flaw.

Sarah says:
3rd Nov 2011, 21:34
I agree with Sue - well done Wilsons! (I'm impressed with Andrew's drawing skills - and your colouring in skills of course :))

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