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Evie: Week 9

Evie is 9 weeks old. (Almost a week late again. Stupid uni work).
Evie: Week 9

We've continued to have a stormy week. I think she's almost ready to have more awake time but she's not quite ready. So at the moment she's not really happy when she is awake but not really happy when she is asleep either. Poor bubba, she'll figure it out eventually.

One afternoon this week the only way to keep Evie happy was to bounce her up and down. I resorted to putting her in her bouncer and rocking it with my foot for a full hour. I had the worst cramps in my leg later that evening. When we went shopping before Evie was born, I looked at the motorised swinging chairs and wondered who would buy them. It seemed a bit over the top to me. My sore leg and I totally understand now why you'd buy one. (We also thought the wipe warmer was ridiculous. It warms the wipes you use to clean your baby's bottom. Evie does flinch sometimes at the cold wipes we use on her bottom but we're sure it builds character.)

The nerdiness continues. When Evie is very cranky I often joke to Andrew about finding her reboot button. Then I was talking to Sue about it and she suggested that I install a new driver. Sarah suggested that we should upgrade to a Mac (although Andrew insists that would be a downgrade). We are such NERDS!

Here is a photo of some of the bubbas from Mothers' group. So many bald heads! I was mortified because I'd forgotten to dress Evie in her day clothes and taken her out in PJs. Although really, who doesn't want to spend the whole day in their PJs.
Mothers' group bubba
Thanks to Andrea for the bubba photo

jess - 22nd Jul 2011, 21:46 tags: evie kids growing_evie


Comments (4):

Caitlin says:
22nd Jul 2011, 22:34
Have you checked out The Happiest Baby on the Block book we lent you?

jess says:
23rd Jul 2011, 03:27
@Caitlin: yup, we've actually been doing the five S technique since she was born without officially knowing that's what it is called. I shouldn't complain. She's such a good baby. I make it sound much worse than it is. She's just a bit unsettled sometimes. Babies do cry after all.

Paddy says:
23rd Jul 2011, 21:15
The mother's group shot is like something out of a John Wyndham novel - look at them all - plotting the downfall of adultkind.

Paddy says:
23rd Jul 2011, 21:17
Oh - and Evie is very cute - but that goes without saying!

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