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January fun

So far there have been two big social events in January.

First up, we had Sue and J's farewell party at Opera Bar. Sue and J moved to Hong Kong in early January. Andrew and I returned home in November 2009. Since then my brother has moved to Hong Kong, my sister has moved to London and now one of my closest friends has also left the country. Andrew and I are trying not to take it personally. Good luck Sue and J! We hope you have many exciting adventures.
Sue and J's farewell

Andrew's birthday was the next "big" event. It was really only a quiet one as you should stop expecting people to make a big deal out of your birthday after you turn eleven. Andrew and I started his birthday celebrations with drinkies at Orbit Bar at the Summit. You'd think it was a place only for tourists but even as a resident Sydneysider you can appreciate the view. It's a lovely place to be at sunset. We then headed to the Chophouse where we proceeded to eat way too much meat. Great meal and great service. For his birthday this year I got Andrew a voucher for an hour flight in a Boeing 737 simulator. He's planning to try some aerobatics on his flight. I'm glad that there aren't any real passengers.
Andrew's Birthday
Andrew's Birthday

jess - 18th Jan 2011, 16:00 tags: summer11 sue j tincrane birthdays andrew


Comments (3):

Tash says:
18th Jan 2011, 22:15
Eleven!!!??? Come on, now!

Sue says:
19th Jan 2011, 01:58
Aww. There will always be gtalk.

jess says:
19th Jan 2011, 07:23
@Tash: lol. It's Andrew's rule not mine. I think he has suffered from having a birthday in January. When he was little everyone was on holidays so there was no one to come to his party. He has been scarred for life.

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