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Last weekend we celebrated Andrew's 31st Birthday with dinner @ Stir Crazy and drinks @ The Rose in Erskineville. (photos)

31 things you may or may night know about Andrew:
1.Andrew was born in Ballarat, Victoria and lived there until he was 12.
2.He lived in Goulburn during his teenage years.
3.Andrew has lived in Sydney longer than he has lived anywhere else.
4.Andrew's favourite lollies are snakes, chicos and musk sticks.
5.Andrew has been to all the states and territories of Australia.
6.Andrew has visited 8 foreign countries.
7.They are New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, Austria, Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore.
8.His Myers Briggs personality type is INTP.
9.This is the exact opposite of my MB personality type.
10.Andrew was a prefect in high school.
11.Until he was suspended for writing something rude on a whiteboard.
12.He spent his 3 days of suspension playing computer games with Jason, his fellow partner in crime.
13.His favourite colour is blue.
14.Andrew's middle name starts with P.
15.It is not Peter, Paul or Patrick.
16.Andrew almost always wears odd coloured socks.
17.He can fall asleep anywhere.
18.He has fallen asleep under a desk while fixing a computer.
19.He has fallen asleep with his face on a keyboard when staying up late to finish an assignment.
20.Andrew has more than 20 movies in his top 10 movies of all time
21.They include The Princess Bride, the original Star Wars trilogy, the Indianna Jones trilogy and anything by Pixar.
22.Andrew graduated from UTS with a degree in Computing Science.
23.He dyed his hair blue for his graduation ceremony to match the colour of his hood.
24.Actually at different times Andrew has had blonde hair, bright red hair, blue hair, green hair, purple and yellow hair, and orange hair.
25.Andrew has bungy jumped 3 times. One of his jumps was at the Nevis in Queenstown which is 134 m high.
26.Andrew has skydived 5 times. All of his sky dives were solo dives.
27.Andrew has his pilot's license and is qualified to do aerobatic tricks.
28.Andrew has ridden a motorbike since he was 16.
29.Andrew can sail a yacht.
30.Andrew has a red belt in Hwa Rang Do.
31.Andrew could be the next James Bond.

jess - 20th Jan 2006, 11:11 tags: birthdays andrew

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It's not too late to do our yearly review, is it?

Movies: A feast for the eyes
Picks of 2005:Batman Begins, Sin City
One thumb up:Hitch, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Songs: Jess and Andrew's Soundtrack to 2005
Star2Fall (Cabin Crew), Free (Estelle), This Old Love (Lior), Hollaback Girl (Gwen Stefani), From Paris to Berlin (Infernal), Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz), Mr. Brightside (The Killers), Voodoo Child (Rogue Traders), Fix You (Cold Play), Hung Up (Madonna), It's Not Me It's You (Paul Mac), Into the Dark (Ben Lee), My Humps (Black Eyed Peas)

Books: exercise for the mind
Best reads of 2005:My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult, The Alphabet Sisters - Monica McInerney, Sea Glass - Anita Shreve, Remains of the Day - Kazuo Ishiguro, The Book of Joe - Jonathon Tropper, Plain Truth - Jodi Picoult, Welcome to Temptation - Jennifer Crusie, Rebecca - Daphne Du Maurier, The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini, Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides, Joe Cinque's Consolation - Helen Garner

Food: food glorious food!
Brunch:Succulent, Newtown
Bitton, Erskineville
Pre-Dinner Cocktails:The Bank Hotel, Newtown
The Rose Hotel, Erskineville
Cargo Bar, City
Dinner:Sushi Train, Newtown
Matsuri, Surry Hills
Stir Crazy, Erskineville
Malabar, Crows Nest
The Prague Restaurant, Potts Point
Gelatomassi, Newtown
Max Brenner

Resolutions for 2006
Jess:visit Europe, craft more often, get to my goal weight, become a better runner, learn how to huck properly, cook a new recipe every week, do more video editing, update FuShMuSh with all of our outstanding events, write our wedding thank yous (OOPS!)
Andrew:Andrew isn't a big one for resolutions (apparently).

jess - 19th Jan 2006, 11:11 tags: year_review summary05 summary

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Last weekend we celebrated Andrew and Nicole's engagement with a picnic at Clarkes Point Reserve in Woolwich. After the grown up part of the day was over, the kiddies headed to Woolwich Hotel for a few post-party bevvies. A few drinks later and the night deteriorated rapidly. Like any good gossip column I'm going to give you the juicy news without naming names. The low-down: someone got a nasty bump on the head, someone vomited, two someones were refused service because they were pished, and two someones were too hungover to go canyoning the next morning.

Congratulations Andrew and Nicole. We hope that you enjoy this very exciting period in your life. (photos)

jess - 13th Jan 2006, 11:11 tags: engagement dowleys

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This month's theme for Self Portrait Tuesday is Personal History. I think it is a perfect time to post some old photos of the Budge. Budgewoi was the scene of many of my childhood summers. Being there in December brought back a lot of fond memories.

Original BudgeMy Mum and AnnieThe Kids: Annie, Jennie, Jess and Liam on the cement slab for new garageThe Kids: Jess, Liam, Annie, Paddy, Jennie, Simon, Matt and ?
Annie, Jess and Buckles on the BeachKids: Shae, Jennie, Erin, Annie, Paddy, Linda, Simon, Kade, Tim, Liam, Jess and KarenKids: Annie, Simon, Jess, Tim, ?, Paddy, Jennie, Liam and Gypsy

Self Portrait Tuesday was initiated by redcurrent. Each Tuesday post a self portrait on your blog. January's theme is 'personal history'.

jess - 10th Jan 2006, 11:11 tags: spt self-portrait photography

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11...   10...   9...   8...   7...   6...   5...   4...   3...   2...   1...   HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A New Year's countdown that beings at 11? That's what happens when a bunch of geeks find out that a "leap second" is being added to the end of the year.

We saw the New Year in with a few of our closest and mostest at Budgewoi. We did all the usual Budgewoi stuff. We went to the beach in the morning and avoided the rips and bluebottles. We had a Budgewoi lunch and takeout and a BBQ for dinner. We walked to the shops for ice creams and lollies. Thanks to Uncle Bob for letting us use the house for the weekend. Thanks to our guests for helping out on the weekend, especially on clean up detail. You guys get a gold star for the weekend. (photos)

Our journey home was a bit of an advenCHA as we got stuck in Bushfire traffic. The F3 Freeway and Pacific Highway closed because of a bushfire at Mt White. Unfortunately, they closed it at the Gosford exit about 20 minutes before we reached Gosford. We were directed off the freeway and we then spent the next few hours trying to find an alternate route to Sydney. We drove to Wisemans Ferry, where we were turned away. I'd never seen the town of Spencer before and now I've been there twice. We drove back to Gosford again; three hours later and we were back at our starting point. We met up with the Dowleys (who were in the same boat as us) and decided to see a movie (Fun with Dick and Jane) while we waited to see if they would open the freeway again. Luckily, the freeway was open when the movie finished. We had a very smooth run to Sydney and we were home at 9.30pm. A 1.5 hour trip took us 7.5 hours.

It wasn't actually that bad a day. We were in air-conditioned comfort the whole day, either in the car or in the cinema. We don't have air-conditioning at home so we were probably better off. We were only stuck in a traffic queue for half an hour, so we were driving for most of the time. We had scenery to look and tractors to spot. It could have been much worse.

45 degrees on NYDSmoke column from Mt White fireTraffic queue at Wisemans Ferry
Traffic queue at Gosford and smoke from Woy Woy fire41 degrees at 7.30pmSmoke from Woy Woy fire

I was surprised at the lack of information we received from the authorities. We received conflicting reports from different sources throughout the day. The ABC was telling everyone to go to Wisemans Ferry. When we arrived there we were told that the road was closed (by another motorist so we're not sure how truthful the report was). The Dowleys asked a Firey what to do and he suggested that they find accommodation for the evening as he was sure the Freeway would be closed for the night. The RTA website had no useful information what-so-ever. It reminded me of a scene in War of the Worlds where people in the crowd are discussing what cities in the world have been destroyed. Some people think that America is safe and Europe has been decimated. Others think it's the other way round. Rumours spread like wildfire and fiction is taken for fact. The RFS and the RTA had a very busy day on New Year's Day but they failed the motorists who were diverted off the F3. I wonder how they'll cope when the Aliens land *G*.

jess - 9th Jan 2006, 11:11 tags: social nye nye05

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