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Happy Birthday Andrew!
(statistics are from the Birthday Calculator)

jess - 7th Jan 2006, 11:11 tags: birthdays andrew

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Each year on Boxing Day, the Grangers have a BBQ and Bocce competition at their house in Austinmer. This year, Sydney put on a gorgeous day for the annual event. The sun was shining, the sky was blue; it was the perfect antidote to cure Christmas Day indulgence.

Each year, names are randomly drawn to form mixed teams of two. The draw is created and one round is played by all teams. The winning teams of round one go into the Cup (Winners) competition. The losing teams of round one go into the Plate (Losers) competition. The two competitions are then knock-out format and are contested until the Winner of the Cup and the Winner of the Plate are decided.

This year's event saw a few welcome changes to the competition rules and regulations. A $5.00 entry fee was introduced with the money allocated to a prize pool. All teams were in the running to win either $100 (The Cup Prize), $80 (The Cup Runners up prize) or $15 (The Plate prize). The games were also shortened, with each game now consisting of three ends. (In the past we had played first team to five points, which could sometimes take forever.)

After a hard day of Bocce the Plate grand final was a contest between Team Greg / Julie and Team Patrick / Jess. Greg and Julie triumphed in the end and won the Plate and took home the $15 prize money (don't spend it all at once!). Team Andrew / Daphne and Team Max / Sharon played for top honours in the Cup grand final. Team Max / Sharon beat out Team Andrew / Daphne to take the ultimate Bocce prize, the Cup.

It's quite interesting to look at the list of past winners of the Bocce competition. In the past the Boxing Day Bocce competition has been won by Andrew & Kay (Cup 2003), Kay & Brendan (Cup 2002), Andrew & Max (Plate 2002) and Sharon & Jess (Cup 2001). Maybe next year we can run a betting competition as well. (photos)

jess - 6th Jan 2006, 11:11 tags: social christmas05 christmas boxing_day boxing_day05

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Babycenter.com has released their stats on the most popular American baby names for 2005. Last year, the most popular girl's name was Emma and the most popular boy's name was Aidan. My name, which was ranked no. 2 for the 80s and no. 1 for the 90s, was ranked all the way down at no. 60 for last year. Obviously, names cycle in and out of fashion. In my year at high school there were eight girls named Emma and I was only the Jessica. Apparently, Emma is enjoying another turn in the top ten. Andrew is ranked at number 10 in the table. The name Andrew has been in the top 20 for the past two decades. Parents just love strong, dependable, manly boys' names.

I can't help but laugh at some of the more unusual names people have given to their offspring. I guess we should pity the poor children who are saddled with these monikers. I think Andrew and I will name our first-born Gherkin. Now that's a great name for a child!
  • can't write good English: Aa'Niyah, Ce'Qwoia, Jo'El, Rach'El, A'Driannah Cha'Nce Ka'Ren Se'Heira, An'Gelez, Cour'Tez Ky'Lee, Tai'Lor, A'Ngelina, De'Liberately, Ma'Kayla, Ty'Rece, Bles'Id, God'Iss, Myr'Acle, X'Zavier, Cam'Ren, Jer'Miah, O'Livia, Zy'Eire

  • On a Pedestal: Achilles, Hero, Luck, Adonis, Glory, Icarus, Thor, Aragorn, Greatness, Isis, Venus, Buddah, Hercules, Karma, Ulysses, Destiny, Hermes, Zeus

  • Wanna-be-Gwyneths: Banana, Coffee, Honey, Peapod, Beans, Cookie, Java, Pickle, Blueberry, Cress, Jelly, Pumpkin, Candy, Curry, Karamel, Cashew, Danish, Lemon, Gherkin, Peach, Sage

  • Globetrotting: Aspen, Dublin, Jamaica, Rome, Boston, Germany, Jersey, Sedona, Brazil, Lebanon, Sicily, Brighton, Havana, London, Trinidad, Bronx, Houston, Memphis, Vegas, Cairo, India, Milan, Zurich, Cambridge, Indiana, Philadelphia, Denmark, Israel, Phoenix

  • Read all about it: Aristotle, Darwin, Newton, Hansel, Ebenezer, Hemingway, Caesar, Gawain, Imhotep, Casper, Geronimo, Hadrian, Tigger, D'Artagnan, Legolas, Eowyn

  • Star Power: Beyonce, Duran, Bolton, Elvis, Brando, Lennon, Santana, Bronson, Cagney, Hendrix, Jagger, Theron, Cobain, Coburn, Pdiddy, Coltrane, Coolio, Keanu, Presley

  • Soul for Sale: Arden, Bentley, Dior, Hyatt, Remington, Braun, Espn, Royce, Butterball, Fandango, Chivas, Kaiser, Chrysler, Google, Claiborne, Mac

  • Back to Nature: Alp, Jetty, Stone, Briar, Everest, Lavender, Stormy, Buttercup, Harvest, Lotus, Sunshine, Canyon, Hay, Meadow, Thunder, Ce'Qwoia, Hurricane, River, Violet, Clover, Sky, Zephyr, Island, Sprout, Cypress, Star

jess - 5th Jan 2006, 11:11 tags: quirky

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This year we had a very relaxing Christmas. This was mainly because we didn't have to travel very far to attend our Christmas celebrations. We had our usual "eggs, caviar, champagne and a pillow case full of presents" breakfast at Mum & Dad's in Pyrmont. Later on, we were back in Erko at the Carillon for a lunch of spinach pie, cold meats and prawns. A big hug must go to the Wilsons for daring to join the rowdy Daleys and Bells for Christmas lunch. (photos)

Last year we had trouble convincing Oscar to open more than one present in one sitting. Last year he wanted to play with each new toy for at least an hour. This year, we didn't have any trouble at all; Oscar was a present opening machine! We think he must be a graduate of of the "Patrick School of Unwrapping". On Christmas morning, Annie and Richard's attention was diverted for a few moments while they gave each other gifts. They turned around to discover that Oscar had dived into the pile under the Christmas tree and was arbitrarily opening presents. Luckily, he'd only managed to open a few and they were all for him. (Suspiciously, they were all trains. I'm not sure if that's because Oscar is cluey enough to pick the train-shaped presents or because 90% of Oscar's presents this year were trains.)

jess - 4th Jan 2006, 11:11 tags: kids children oscar christmas05 christmas christmas_day

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jess - 25th Dec 2005, 11:11 tags: christmas05 christmas

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