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Last night we caught up with Kylie, Trevor, Brielle and Sean in the Shire. Kylie and Trevor hosted a delicious dinner at their lovely house.

Here is the photo from last year and also this year's photo. Talk about changes! There is a new addition to our dinner party; Brielle and Sean's beautiful daughter Ella. She's definitely her mother's daughter. Not keen to go to bed at a suitable hour, Miss Ella insisted on sharing the fun and joining the dinner party. No complaints here! I'm always up for cuddles.

It was great to see you guys. Thanks for hosting Kylie and Trevor. I guess we'll see you next year and I'm absolutely positive there'll be even more "changes". Who knows what the future holds. I'm excited!

Some photos of beautiful Ella...

Miss Ella Miss Ella and Kylie Miss Ella and Jess

jess - 17th Aug 2007, 11:11 tags: kids

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We managed to squeeze in a round of trivia at the Kirk last night. Unfortunately we didn't have time to round up the full crew of Badgers so it was just me, Paddy and Andrew. Our team name: The Badgers' not so Triumphant Return. Even though it was just the three of us we still did quite well. At the end of two rounds of trivia, our team was in first place.

But, it wasn't to be! At this trivia, the very last question was a "gamble your points" question. We were told what the category of the question was going to be, then asked to bet between 1 and 20 points on the question. If you got the answer right, you were awarded the points. However, if you got the answer wrong, the points were taken off your current total.

Our category was "Cartoons". We figured the other teams were risk takers, so we decided we would have to chance it all. We bet 20 points on the last question. It seemed to be the theme, with 3 other teams betting 20 points. One wussy team bet only 5 points.

The final question: "What is the maiden name of Betty Rubble from the Flintstones."

Unfortunately, our confidence was misplaced. None of our team knew the answer to the question. Luckily, none of the other teams knew the answer either. The wussy team was actually the wise team, walking away with first prize. We ended the night with second prize. The Badgers' not so triumphant return, slightly triumphant after all.

Some other questions from the evening:
  • What is the name of the mountain range in Afghanistan?
  • Darren Hayes recently got married. Who did he get married to?
  • What does IBM stand for?
  • What is the name of the cafe that Fraiser and Niles visit in the TV show Fraiser?

jess - 16th Aug 2007, 11:11 tags: trivia badgers

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We only have 4 weeks at home (three now! wah!) so we're busily trying to catch up with everyone and spend as much time with the people we love.

Last week we had dinner with the Veitch family. When we see how much Hannah, Sarah and Ellie have grown over the last year, it really hits home that we have been away for more than a few weeks. Hannah and Sarah are so tall now. Ellie, who was just crawling when we left is now walking and talking.

We were treated to a clown show by the girls which included some tumbling, knock-knock jokes and lots of giggling. Andrew showed them his own clown trick, a bit of juggling. The girls were extremely impressed. It was great to see you Veitch clan!

Sarah and Hannahserious Sarah and HannahHeather, Ellie, Sarah and HannahAndrew shows the girls where we've travelledEllie finds a better use for the globe

jess - 14th Aug 2007, 11:11 tags: hsev kids

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the essentials the essentials the essentials

Look, it's an update! Is anyone still actually checking Fushmush?

We arrived home on Sunday and we're very happy to be home. We had fantastic four weeks of travelling. We had a week seeing the highlights of Russia and three wonderful weeks exploring South America. We can really recommend visiting these interesting and incredible places.

Yesterday, we headed to Marrickville Metro to complete an important task. We picked up the essentials that we miss so very much in London. Hopefully I now have enough minty blue gel toothpaste to last me for the next year. When it runs out we're coming home for good!

Stayed tuned for more updates! It's been far too quiet around here.

jess - 7th Aug 2007, 11:11 tags: sydney

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Last weekend was our last weekend in London for quite a while. We spent half the weekend packing up the house and the other half catching up with friends who won't be seeing for a couple of months.

We had lunch in The Windsor Castle in Notting Hill. It was a great day to be in a pub! On July 1st legislation banning smoking in enclosed public places and workplaces came into effect. Finally we can spend the evening in a pub and not come out smelling like we smoked a few hundred cigarettes.

There has been lots of whinging about the new legislation in the media. Bar owners complaining that they will lose lots of business because of the smoking ban. We thought we'd show our support for the new law by spending at least some of July 1 in a pub.

The Windsor Castle is a pub with lots of character. It has lots of mismatched furniture and tiny nooks and crannies. The pub also has a snug bar. The snug is a part of the pub which is separated from the rest of the pub and has its own bar access. In the past it was room reserved for unaccompanied women to drink in. They were not allowed to associate and drink with the men. The snug in Windsor Castle has a tiny doorway, which even I had to stoop to walk through.

After a few jugs of Pimms we headed to nearby Holland Park for a few rounds of Frickets (thanks Leah for bringing the equipment!). The wind added an extra level of difficulty to the game; it was really blustery. This didn't stop our two newbies, Grant and Natalie, from picking up the game very quickly. They don't even play ultimate in real life so it was extra hard for them.

Snaps to Natalie for being the only person to catch up a cup on the day, snaps to Grant for getting through to the finals of Holland Park Open Frickets Singles Championships and snaps to me for winning the Holland Park Open Frickets Singles championships.

Smoke free England!tim tams!Pimms!Nanimo bars

Thanks guys (Leah, Juzzy, Natalie, Grant, Lara) for coming out; it was great to see you all!

jess - 5th Jul 2007, 11:11 tags: ultimate london frickets dubs

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