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I gave the Veitch girls their birthday presents the other day so I'm finally able to post what I made for them. I've been making handmade presents for the girls for more than a decade. I think they are still appreciated.

The girls are my present road testers. I try out new ideas on them. If it's a success and easy enough to make I add it to the present ideas vault. Hannah and Sarah were the first to receive towel capes. They are also the only ones to have received sequined towel capes (ugh, sewing sequins on takes forever!). Eliana received the first ever lambykins.

This year I made the girls notepad holders using this tutorial from LBG studio. They were really easy to make and I could whip one up during one afternoon nap sewing session. This one is definitely going into the present idea vault. The big pocket is the perfect size for an iphone. I think I might make a few to keep in my present box.
Handmade: Notepad Holders

Handmade: Notepad Holders Handmade: Notepad Holders Handmade: Notepad Holders
Handmade: Notepad Holders

Eliana read Evie her current favourite bedtime story. Do you know who sank the boat?
Eliana reading to Evie

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Melbourne / Sydney: weekday afternoon
Project5213 Week 23

"Evie and I have a very regular daily routine. My personality type favours routine. I like to know what I'm supposed to be doing from one moment to the next.

In the mornings Evie and I get out of the house. We go to play groups, or kindy gym, or music class, or have play dates in the local park. In the afternoons we're homebodies. I set Evie up with some craft and I get some housework done. I tell Evie to play at craft while I potter.

Evie loves playing with play doh. To get her to play with it for a little bit longer I bought some paddle pop sticks and craft eyes. She likes to make little creatures with 10 eyes and 20 arms. She'll play happily for up to an hour at this game. When she gets bored she'll say to me
"Mummy, I want to potter too!""

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Melbourne / Sydney: Morning lunch time
Project5213 Week 22

"Evie has discovered the swing for the big kids at JP. She is big enough to sit on it and balance while being pushed. What she loves to do though is lay across it and do a superman swing. She thinks it's the funnest thing to do in the world. I put my phone on the ground to capture her superman swing."

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Audrey's birthday party was a typical Daley affair. A bit chaotic. Audrey is a third child so the Bells know lots and lots of kids. And there were lots and lots of kids at Audrey's birthday party. Audrey had a lovely time though. She thinks she's one of the big kids and is happy to muckle in.
Audrey's 2nd Birthday

It was pretty much impossible to get a photo of Audrey at cake time because she was surrounded by excited children. We sang Happy Birthday and then the swarm followed Annie as she headed into the kitchen to cut the cake.
Audrey's 2nd Birthday
Audrey's 2nd Birthday

Annie got a friend to make a Peppa Pig cake for Audrey. Isn't it impressive! I need to learn how to get those smooth edges. I think there might be a Peppa Pig cake in my future. I better improve my skills before I attempt it. Either that or wait until this cake has faded in my memory.
Audrey's 2nd Birthday

I offered to make jelly cups for the party. They were very easy to make but a bit labour intensive. I had to wait for each layer to set before I could add the next. They also were a bit difficult to transport as well.

Evie was my helper when I made the jelly cups. She loves to "help" in the kitchen at the moment. She stands on a chair and is in charge of stirring or turning the KitchenAid on and off. For the jelly she put the jelly crystals in the bowl and would stir after I added water (We were super careful though as boiling water is involved).

I think the layered look is very effective. It was a big hit with the kids. Especially Evie who told me she wanted some jelly every time I opened the fridge at home..."I want to EAT IT Mummy!".

Audrey's 2nd Birthday

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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Sydney / Melbourne: Morning morning
Project5213 Week 21

"Evie's hair is finally long enough to put up into teeny tiny piggy tails. Hooray! Maybe people will finally stop calling her a little boy. I let Evie watch tele while I do her hair in the morning. It's much easier to do when she is sitting still. We usually do it during the morning Play School viewing. In this photo she is watching Pocoyo.

I'm really rubbish at doing hair so I figure I better start practising while she is still little. Mum hated doing hair so I always had short hair when I was younger. (I had a mullet but that's something that only I'm allowed to joke about people... you've been warned! Mum always told me it was very practical.) I'm determined to let Evie have longer hair if she likes.

I was having a conversation with Amy the other day about how our parents affect our parenting choices and how we in turn will affect our kids' decisions in the future. I want Evie to have long hair because I always had short hair when I was little. Whereas Amy now has short hair because her mum always made her have long hair.

I can imagine Evie getting a pixie cut when she is a teenager complaining about her mother who never let her have short hair when she was little. "

Check out Tash's day at jouljet.

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