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Well, that was a bit of a blogging hiatus. Apparently I lost my blogging mojo in the move and had to dig through all those boxes to find it. I had better get back into the swing of things. November is coming up, which means NaBloPoMo, which means blogging everyday. I'm woefully out of practice.

A month ago or so we had Audrey's christening. It was held on one of those perfect winter days. Blue skies, sunshine and I'm sure the temperature was in the mid 20s.

Audrey wasn't a fan of the christening part of the day but she did love the after party. Actually all the kids had a ball at the party. The green area outside The Station looked like a school playground at recess time. The kids had a ball playing chasings and climbing trees. The boys even went for a swim in the harbour at the end of the day.
Audrey's Christening Audrey's Christening

Audrey's Christening
Audrey's Christening
Audrey's Christening
Audrey's Christening

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We had a lovely Sunday brunch at the Stuarts a couple of Sundays ago. Brunch is almost civilised again. The kidlets all sat a table and munched on pancakes, bacon and fruit.

We're teaching Evie to ask "Please may I leave the table?" when she's finished eating. This way at least she's polite and respectful when she rejects my cooking. It doesn't quite sound right when Evie says it though. The words all run into one another.

I say brunch was almost civilised as it never used to feature pooey nappies. We'll get there one day.

Andrew and I dusted off the DSLR and got some photos of the kiddies. Our little babies are growing up so quickly.

Elliot, Andrew and Evie

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Well, it's official. We're moving! Yay!

While I'm excited to be moving to a new area and into a home of our very own, I'm sad to be leaving this area. I really love Dully.

I'm going to miss wandering down the street on a Tuesday to hang out with my other Mothers' group at Johnson Park (not going to miss JP so much *G*).

I'm going to miss being able to respond yes to a spontaneous catch up invite from Heather.

I'm going to miss brunch at Coffee 1st and Sideways and afternoon tea from Strawberry Fields and Fernandez (mmm portuguese tarts).

I'm going to miss being able to entertain Evie with a great range of activities that are only walking distance from home - music class at the Salvos on rainy Tuesdays, playgroup at Dully on a Wednesday and Magic Yellow Bus at JP on a Friday.

I'm going to miss being able to send a boasting text to Sarah that I'm already at home in bed while she's still on the bus (hrm, it's possible I'll still be able to do that. I'm so mean!)

We've seen so many firsts here. It's Evie's first home. She learned to sit, crawl, walk and talk here (she totally skipped rolling over. Not a life skill.) She had her first swim in the pool downstairs (and hated it).

To mark and remember our move I've put together a little collage of Dully photos. Now I need to look forward and get excited about the new area. Wish us luck with our big move!

Farewell Dully

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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I can finally show off what I made for little CDubs' 1st birthday as it has arrived at its destination. Each year I try to mail the Weatherills a birthday package and a Christmas package filled with a couple of handmade items for the kidlets and some Australian themed items for the family.

I made Cameron a Spaceboy using a Wee Wonderful's pattern. It's the partner to Eddy's Marvin the Robot. We thought it was fitting as at the moment the world's most famous astronaut, Commander Hadfield, is Canadian.

The C on Spaceboy stands for Cameron but could also stand for Canada or Commander Chris.
Handmade: Spaceboy
Handmade: Spaceboy

My little helper got in a few of the shots. She thought that Spaceboy needed a few goodbye cuddles.
Handmade: Spaceboy

Happy 1st Birthday Cameron!

jess - 3rd Aug 2013, 07:43 tags: handmade sewing softies cameronW

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Sydney / Melbourne: weekday evening
Project5213 Week 24

"It's no surprise that Evie knows her way around her technology. She does have two geeks for parents. She can unlock an iPad and start an app or watch a video. She can even navigate her way around iView. She often says to me "I want to play iView Mummy!"

One of her favourite things to do at the moment is take photos using my phone. She holds the phone up to her eye and says "
Stand still. Say cheese! Smile!" and then "Come and look at the photo Mummy". It's funny that she mimics the use of a traditional camera by pretending to look through a viewfinder. I don't take many photos that way anymore. "

Check out Tash's day at jouljet.

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