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So I've figured out why Andrew is touching the rock. It's one of the sacred rocks of Machu Picchu. Apparently the rock is connected to the energy of the earth and you can recharge yourself by touching the rock.

More interestingly the rock has been carved so that it echoes Phutuqk'usi, the mountain behind it. The Incas at Machu Picchu considered the mountain holy.
Sacred Rock

Here is another rock carved to look like the mountains behind it. The Incas liked to honour nature in their architecture.
Rocks carved to reflect the mountains

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I've been going back through and editing some of our travel photos to try to find blog fodder for November (we're half way through... yay!). I just went through and edited our photos from Machu Picchu. The problem is that this trip was in 2007. That's five years ago! We took over 500 photos at Machu Picchu. There are a lot of photos we've taken where I'm not quite sure why we've taken the photo. Photos of strangely shaped stones sticking out of walls. Or this photo of Andrew touching a rock. I've forgotten why they are important.
Andrew touching a rock

So I feel a bit of a blog series coming up. I've edited the photos but I'm going to do a bit of research to see why they are important. I'll leave you here with one of my favourite photos from our visit to Machu Picchu. It's a Peruvian Llama standoff. I couldn't help but take a photo of a llama when it wandered by because I find them so cute (and hilarious!).
Peruvian Llama Standoff

There are a lot of llamas wandering around Machu Picchu. I'm not sure whether the llamas are there on purpose, they do eat the grass, but they now act as if they own the place. If a llama had decided to go somewhere you best get out of its way. That can be a bit tricky sometimes on the high, narrow pathways of Machu Picchu.

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Melbourne / Sydney: Wednesday evening
Project5213 Week 28

"Bear is Evie's favourite soft toy. When we talk about who is in our immediate family he is always included - Mummy, Daddy, Evie and Bear Wilson. Whenever I go in to check on Evie of a night time Bear is always tucked under one arm.

For a while, just after Evie started daycare, she relied on Bear being there to comfort her more than usual. Bear went to the park, the supermarket and playgroup (and got left at playgroup... oops!) with her and even watched over her while she had a bath.

Apparently Evie likes a bit of an audience while she bathes. Both Bear and Knuffle Bunny on this occasion.

Check out Tash's day at jouljet.

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My crafting mojo seems to have disappeared along with my blogging mojo. I think it's because my crafting stuff hasn't been unpacked since the move so it takes me ages to find anything. I've just had enough energy to whip up some lambykins for the latest arrivals. They are pretty easy (and cuddly) to make, which is good because I wouldn't want any new babies to miss out on the traditional lamby.

Recently I've made lambykins for Julian, Remy and Oliver. Welcome new bubs!

I like the stripey fabric. It's lovely to find a gender neutral fabric.

Lambykins: Julian
Lambykins: Oliver and Remy

Clare also sent me this lovely action shot of Julian and Elliot with their lambykins.
Julian and Elliot

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I know that officially in Australia, we're not allowed to complain about the rain. It's good for the farmers. It's great for bushfires. It's not great for mums of toddlers though. We had a playdate at a friend's house this morning. Evie must not have expended enough energy because she wasn't interested in napping this afternoon. I guess this signals the start of the end of the afternoon nap (Noooooooooo!).
Photo: the weather

Evie loves the rain because when it rains I let her wear her gumboots and carry her umbrella. She also loves jumping in muddy puddles (just like Peppa). I wouldn't mind an adult sized pair of her red gumboots. Evie is always dressed in clothing I secretly wish I could wear. (The boots and umbrella were gifts from Janet and Davina. Thanks ladies! I think they might also give Evie gifts they secretly want to wear.)
Jumping in muddy puddles Jumping in muddy puddles Jumping in muddy puddles

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