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Just a teaser tonight. Andrew, Evie and I managed to squeeze in Sculpture by the Sea on Saturday on its last weekend. It was a bit hard to be inspired by the artworks as it was such a very hot day. Evie enjoyed the walk and looking at the artwork. I think she really enjoyed the ice block she got to eat at 10 in the morning (Mummy's fault. It was so hot! I needed something to cool me down.)

I'll leave you now with a few photos of Lucy Humphrey's Horizon. It was my favourite sculpture and definitely a crowd favourite. It's so photogenic! There are lots of beautiful photos of it on the internet. So hard to get a unique perspective of it. Here are my attempts.

Horizon by Lucy Humphrey
Horizon by Lucy Humphrey
Horizon by Lucy Humphrey
Horizon by Lucy Humphrey
Horizon by Lucy Humphrey

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Well, Evie agrees with Mummy and Daddy. She can stay.




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The other day the SMH Backpacker blog by Ben Groundwater listed travel photography's biggest cliches. They were: holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, pinching the top of the Taj Mahal, the sparkling Eiffel Tower, any sunset... anywhere, Christ (the Redeemer)-MCA, depth perception at the Uyuni Salt Flats, the jumping photo, "that spot" at Machu Picchu, eating a huge burger in the US, imitating a statue, hot dogs or legs?, Abbey Road, wearing a keffiyeh at the pyramids and any selfie, anywhere.

When I search back through our travel photos; we're guilty of more than a few of these. If we've been there then we've probably taken the cliched shot. And you know what! I say Boo to Ben Groundwater. People take these photos because they are fun to do. Just because a million people have taken them before doesn't mean it's not fun to do them yourself.

I especially love the jumping shots and selfie shots because it adds the element of the unknown back into the photograph. We used to take photos with film and not know how they would turn out until the film was developed. When you take jumping or selfie shots you never know quite how they are going to turn out.

Here we are holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa...
Jess Andrew

The Eiffel Tower as a disco ball.
Disco Ball

Here are a few of our many sunset shots.
Sunset on Christmas Day
Ice-skating at Sunset
Sunset at Oia

A selection of our jump shots.
Jump @ Giant's Causeway
Jump: Jess is levitating

Jess and the Lady Jump!
Here we are at "that spot" at Machu Picchu.
Peru: Machu Picchu

We've also imitated statues.
The missing Ramses

This one is a double whammy. Jumping and imitating a statue!
Jump shot

Andrew wearing a keffiyeh in Egypt (not at the Pyramids but it is a selfie so maybe that makes up for it).

And you all know that we LOVE a selfie.
Italy: Venice
Selfie: group photo
Empire State Building: Brrr, we look cold
Welcome back to London

(We're missing is Abbey road. I think we felt sorry for the bus drivers who travel down Abbey Route. Always having to stop for tourists taking the classic Beatles photo.)

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Hope she's not claustrophobic...
Spare room
Spare room
(Andrew actually did all the cleaning. Thanks hunni!)

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This is the view from our terrace. Rows and rows of apartments. The crane in the background is helping build the latest tower of apartments for our area. Our area is definitely high density living.

It doesn't feel crowded though. We don't hear our neighbours very often so living in our apartment feels just like living in a house. We've got a bike path to Bicentennial Park and the river right next to us. We've got a few parks and green spaces within walking distance from our house.
Photo: Skyline

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