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We had a mini Mother's group meet up this morning. It's been ages since we've all been together. Our kiddies have grown up so much. They are no longer babies; they are now children.

We managed to take a photo of the kids together this morning. The last time we did that was at our Christmas gathering in 2011. What a difference a couple of years makes! Sadly, Joshie is missing from the 2011 photo as his mother respects him too much to dress him up as a Christmas elf *G*.
Santa and his helpers
Jake, Evie, Euan and Eddy

MGroup November 2013
Jake, Josh, Euan, Evie and Eddy

jess - 26th Nov 2013, 18:52 tags: nablopomo nablopomo13 evie mgroup

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Our last day in Brisvegas. We were there for the full five day test match even though we only spent one day at the cricket (and the match only went for fours days because the Aussies kicked Pommy butt... woop!).

Normal life and routine returned for Janet and Isaac this morning. Janet was off to work and Isaac off to school today. (I think Janet was glad that routine was returning. She had no voice by the end of our visit.)

Andrew, Simon, Evie and I had one last Brisvegas experience with Ben and Julius on our way to the airport. We spent the morning at a great playground at New Farm. It was a maze of wooden bridges and elevated pathways constructed underneath huge Moreton Bay Fig trees. It looked like the home of the Lost Boys of Neverland.

Evie had a great morning playing there with Julius before we headed to the airport. We said goodbye to sunny, warm Brisbane and flew to cold and wet Sydney. Welcome home Wilsons!

New Farm playground
New Farm playground

New Farm playground New Farm playground

jess - 25th Nov 2013, 19:31 tags: nablopomo nablopomo13 brisvegas julius evie smashes2013

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It was hot and humid again today so we headed to the local pool. The pool had a great toddler area with fountains and a slide. I'm very envious that they have such a great facility so close to home.
Wilsons in the pool
Isaac isaac
Evie Evie

jess - 24th Nov 2013, 19:55 tags: nablopomo nablopomo13 brisvegas issac julius evie smashes2013

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Another fab Brisvegas day.

We did craft at GOMA followed by a swim at Southbank Beach. The day was topped off by an ice cream. Evie is having a ball with her cousins.

craft at GOMA craft at GOMA Swimming at Southbank Beach Icecream Icecream Evie

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Oh! We had a ripper of day at the cricket today. Days like today are the reason I love cricket.

We watched a bit of Australian batting before Haddin got himself run out. Then there was a bit of boring English batting before lunch.

We went to the German Club for a beer lunch (a GABBA tradition).

Then we headed back to the GABBA in time for an England batting collapse. England were all out for 136. Woop!

Then Australia came into bat and we didn't lose any wickets. Double woop!

At the end of the day we headed back to the German Club to celebrate. Thanks to Tash for organising such an awesome day at the cricket.
GABBA... check
Jess and Andrew
Tash, Jess, Andrew and Bee
Andrew the beer wench

jess - 22nd Nov 2013, 23:37 tags: nablopomo nablopomo13 brisvegas cricket ashes smashes2013

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