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Last weekend was also Evie's first experience of the ocean. As we drove down the hill into Copa I said "Look bubba! the ocean!". I'm sure she would have been really excited if she was awake. And if she could see it. Bit hard when you're in rear facing car seat. She did have a nice nap one afternoon in the sunshine listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.
Enjoying the view

It was a bit too cold for swimming but that didn't stop the boys. Even the enormous waves didn't stop the boys. I've never seen surf so big at Copa. The waves were 3 - 4m and were crashing right up the beach. There were lots of surfers out enjoying the conditions. There were heaps of spectators too. People videoing and taking photos from the safety of the shoreline.

The boys weren't hiding from the surf though. They had heaps of fun splashing around in the waves that crashed on the shore. Leo even found getting dunked fun. He had his feet knocked out from under him by one massive wave. Richie waded in and picked him up. Leo was spluttering and covered in sand but was still happy. "Did you see THAT!" he said. We found sand in some very unusual places during bathtime that evening.

This is a great sequence of photos captured by Andrew. Annie watching the boys play in the surf. Annie running away from a monster wave. Annie realising that she should check that the boys hadn't been washed out to sea. Phew! still there.
Run away, run away

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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When you're only two months old, you experience a lot of firsts. Last weekend Evie experienced her first weekend away. We headed up to Copacabana for a couple of days of winter sunshine.

We did all the normal Copa stuff.

We went to the beach.

We fed the birds. This time we used special bird seed for wild birds that we'd bought at the supermarket. It's much better for them than left over toast.
Leo feeding the lorrikeets

We also did new stuff.

Getting up to feed Evie in the middle of the night is a new thing for Copa. At least at Copa I have company in the wee hours. I'd often bump into Annie who was feeding Audrey. Sometimes our feeds would sync and we'd have conversations made strange through sleep deprivation. Other times I'd be just starting while Annie was finishing up. It was like a very tired game of tag.
Evie and Audrey

The boys also went fishing for the first time. They caught this Red Rock Cod. Oscar was happy to throw it back but Leo wanted to put it in a container and keep it as a pet. (He would hug him and squeeze him and call him George.) They ended up letting the fish go.

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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Evie is two months old.
Evie: Week 8

When Evie was brand new (8 days old) she used to fit nicely in my lap.
Happy Evie

She doesn't quite fit anymore.

See Evie's weekly photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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Evie and I have been trying to visit Auntie Annie and Audrey at least once a week. Evie and Audrey are exactly 3 weeks apart in age. It's amazing the difference that three weeks makes at this age though. Evie still looks enormous compared to Audrey.
Audrey and Evie

Audrey is starting to fill out though. She's starting to look less like a newborn and more like a chubby baby.
Mum and Audrey

More photos (slideshow) of Audrey on Flickr.

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Evie: Week 7

We're finally experiencing the stormy week that was predicted for week 5. Evie is more alert this week and is no longer happy with the routine that we had settled into for the past few weeks. The result is that Evie won't settle or sleep in the afternoons this week. The usual things that work - boob, nappy change, cuddles - have not been working. So this week has seen 2+ hours of cranky Evie followed by cheering when Daddy walks in the door. Yay! Shift change! I love my daughter but it's nice to have some company when you have a screaming baby.

Along with our stormy week, this week has seen the start of real smiles. You have to work a little bit to earn one but we're definitely getting them now. No photos of her new trick though. When I try to take a photo she looks at me as if to say "I'm not a performing monkey mummy!".

Baby brain is definitely not an urban myth. I can't seem to remember things from one moment to the next. I'm not sure if it's the hormones or sleep deprivation. Maybe it's a bit of both. The other day I was at the shops and I forgot my PIN. I ended up using my AMEX because it doesn't require a PIN. I was surprised when the sales assistant didn't comment when I wanted to sign for my purchases because I couldn't remember my PIN. I'm a bit worried about the quality of my uni essays this semester when I struggle to remember a 4-digit number.

I guess it's already common knowledge that Evie has two huge nerds for parents (I type this into our blog...aha!). We were talking with the Goldies the other day about how hard it is to register an email address when you have a common last name. You always have to put your middle name in or a number at the end. So we've registered a Gmail address for Evie. Although Goldy pointed out that email will be old technology by the time Evie gets to use it. She'll probably say "an email address?! That's so old-fashioned."

See Evie's weekly photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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