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So it won't be all baby posts on fushmush. Occasionally I'll post about cupcakes too.

Since Evie was born I've managed to get into the kitchen and bake a few batches of cupcakes. I was one of those annoying mothers who brought something homemade when asked to bring a treat along for morning tea at Mothers' Group. I'm sure everyone was thinking "smug cow". But they wouldn't be thinking that if they saw the state of our house. Baking is something that I enjoy doing. So sometimes when Evie goes down for a nap I bake instead of cleaning the house. The house may have suffered a little bit but my mental health is better for it.
Cupcake: White

I baked these to take to a catch up at Em's house. They are gluten-free vanilla cupcakes with butter cream icing. Clare is unable to eat gluten and in the past couldn't eat the gluten-loaded goodies that I took to gatherings. I felt a bit guilty about that so I've been searching for a good gluten free recipe that I could adopt as my standard. With all the recipes I tried though I found they involved having lots of different types of gluten-free flour alternatives in the pantry. I was despairing because my pantry isn't big enough for all the stuff that was needed.

In the end I decided to try the Basco's gluten-free cupcake mix. I have used cake mixes for normal baking in the past. I stopped using them because baking isn't really that difficult. But I understand the point of cake mixes now. It's all about convenience (duh!). It is very useful having all the gluten-free stuff that you need in one little handy box. The cupakes made from the mix are pretty tasty too. Now I always have a box of gluten-free cupcake mix in my pantry so I can whip up a batch of cupcakes just for Clare. Aren't I nice :D.

(Hrm, I've made it sound like Clare eats the entire batch of cupcakes. She doesn't. She eats the normal number of cupcakes.)

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6 weeks! I can't believe how quickly six weeks have passed.
Evie: Week 6

We had our six week check up on Monday with Dr Eddie. Evie has been growing nicely and is in the 50th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for length. Grow you good thing! We also had our six week vaccinations. With the doctor on Evie's right and the nurse on her left, they counted "one, two, three" and then each jabbed her with a needle in her thigh. Poor bubba! She cracked it big time (as you would!). It was so heart breaking that it made me cry. I'd actually been looking forward to the vaccinations as I have been a bit paranoid about taking her out in public. But the actual process was horrible. I've been extra nice to Evie this week to make up for it.

We're learning what Evie's cries mean. We've categorised them into different levels and will react differently depending on the type of cry. (Yes, there are rules. It's me! Did you suppose it might be otherwise?) Evie-CON 5 is a little "waaaaaaaaah!" every now and again which usually means "I don't like this and I'd like whatever it is to stop please". If she cries like this when going to sleep we can usually leave her to settle herself. Where as Evie-CON 1, only a recent occurrence, requires immediate action. When Evie really cracks it, she shakes her head from side to side, her face goes bright red, she scrunches up her eyes, opens her mouth wide and no sound comes out at all for a good five seconds. The silent cry! It's a tiny bit funny.

This the view I have now while lying in bed. Isn't it pretty.
Evie in her cot

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I've been a bit lax in my welcome to Elliot. Everyone deserves a fushmush post to mark their arrival. Clare and Brendan celebrated Elliot's arrival in mid-April.

The story of Elliot's birth is one fit for a TV sitcom. Clare actually went into labour at my pseudo baby shower. Her waters broke at my afternoon tea shower at The Victoria Room in Darlinghurst. Andrew was picking us up from the shower so I rang to ask him to bring something for Clare to sit on in the car. Andrew was already on his way so he stopped at a petrol station and got a wad of paper towels. Glamorous. It's going to be a funny story to tell Elliot and Evie when they grow up.
Stuart Family
Nicole + Evie, Clare + Elliot

We held a guessing competition at Clare's baby shower and we have an almost winner. Most of us guessed that Elliot would arrive earlier in April. He held out for a week or so past his due date though. Elliot was born on the 18th April, 00:15 and weighed 3.5 kg. So Sue is the winner guessing 17th April and 3.35 kg. Well done Sue!
Guessing Competition

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Week 5! You can tell how much Evie has grown just by looking at her legs in each photo. In week 1, she had skinny little chicken legs poking out of her onsie. Now she has chubby legs with fat rolls. Aw, chubby babies are so cute.
Evie: Week 5

In Mothers' group they warned us about week five. Week five is a supposed "stormy week". When babies experience significant periods of growth or development they may become grizzly and unsettled. It's a bit scary for babies when their brain develops and they discover how to do new things. Well, so far week five hasn't been the shocker that was forecast. To tell you the truth, Evie has spent most of the week asleep (she likes her sleep at the moment; just like her Dad). Although, as Annie says the week is only half over.

The first milestone we're watching out for is smiling. We've had lots of windy smiles from Evie after feeding when she has a nice feeling in her tummy (usually followed by grizzling, crying and pains in her tummy). I think I'm beginning to see the start of smiling. When I get her up after a nap I sometimes get a smile. But I haven't got a proper reactionary smile yet. Not from lack of trying though. Mummy has been performing her butt off trying to get a smile. The amazing, singing, dancing Mummy doesn't impress Evie though. I usually get a look of consternation that says "what are you doing crazy woman?". It will happen when it happens!

Isn't this photo of Andrew and Evie cute. Andrew shaved his head this week so now they look like twins.
Evie and Daddy

Evie is quite the social butterfly (just like her mum) and has had heaps of visitors over the past five weeks. We feel very special.

Janis, TD and Evie Grandparents with Evie Auntie Annie, Evie and her cousins Uncle Richie and Evie Leo and Evie Paddy and Evie Evie and Uncle Simon Veitch girls and Evie Sue and Evie Blue steel Evie Sharon and Evie Evie, Charlotte and Kylie Clare and Evie Emily and Evie Nicole, Dowley and Evie Karen and Evie Bel and Evie Caitlin and Evie Elaine and Evie Dan and Evie

See Evie's weekly photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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The Wilson family visited with the Veitch family on the weekend. Sarah and Hannah recently marked their 9th birthday so I decided to make celebratory cupcakes (any excuse for caaaaaake.) I went all out girly and decorated the cupcakes with pink icing, love hearts and ballerinas.
Cupcakes: Ballerina
Sarah Eliana Hannah

My theme ended up being particularly pertinent as Hannah and Sarah had completed a ballet exam the day before. For the exam the twins had to have their hair up, plaited into a bun. The twins liked it so much that they had kept it in and were planning to wear it to school to show it off. I can understand why; it looked very elegant.

We also gave the twins a birthday present. I usually try to hand make something but unfortunately I'm a little time poor at the moment. So instead we gave them a t-shirt, a book, some earrings and a little coin purse. I solved my no wrapping paper conundrum by turning the t-shirt into wrapping paper. It actually worked quite well so I'll be reusing that idea in the future.
Hannah and Sarah

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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