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The Wilson family visited with the Veitch family on the weekend. Sarah and Hannah recently marked their 9th birthday so I decided to make celebratory cupcakes (any excuse for caaaaaake.) I went all out girly and decorated the cupcakes with pink icing, love hearts and ballerinas.
Cupcakes: Ballerina
Sarah Eliana Hannah

My theme ended up being particularly pertinent as Hannah and Sarah had completed a ballet exam the day before. For the exam the twins had to have their hair up, plaited into a bun. The twins liked it so much that they had kept it in and were planning to wear it to school to show it off. I can understand why; it looked very elegant.

We also gave the twins a birthday present. I usually try to hand make something but unfortunately I'm a little time poor at the moment. So instead we gave them a t-shirt, a book, some earrings and a little coin purse. I solved my no wrapping paper conundrum by turning the t-shirt into wrapping paper. It actually worked quite well so I'll be reusing that idea in the future.
Hannah and Sarah

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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Oscar and Leo are enamoured with their little sister. The other day Oscar asked Annie if he could see if Audrey was awake and ready for a feed. Leo shouted "I'm coming too" and they both sprinted off to check.
Audrey Audrey and Mum Audrey

Leo is always asking if he can hold Audrey. When he does hold her if she is cranky he pats her head gently and says "there, there Audrey". Leo was boasting to Mum the other day that Audrey has lots of hair and Evie has none (poor Evie. She does have hair. It's just fair like her Dad's.) Audrey is lucky to have two such attentive big brothers looking out for her.
Leo and Audrey Oscar and Audrey Leo and Audrey

I think Audrey is going to grow up to be a champion sleeper. When Evie goes down for a nap I try to be careful about how much noise I make around the house. I close the cupboard doors gently. I berate myself if I drop something and it makes a loud noise. In the Bell household, Annie can be as quiet as as a mouse but it's mission impossible to get Oscar and Leo to be really quiet. They do try but even Leo's whisper is louder than an adult's inside voice. If Audrey can successfully nap in the Bell household she will be able to sleep anywhere.

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Week 4. Almost a whole week late. I suddenly find myself with less time to blog. I wonder why *G*. This week's photo cracks me up. Evie is a ninja... hiiiiiiiiiiiiya!
Evie: Week 4

I survived my first week at home alone with Evie. I even managed to have a shower and get dressed before midday each day. Yay me! Of course, I had good mornings and bad mornings and good days and bad days. When you leave the hospital the midwives give you the advice that your baby will probably have one unsettled period a day and one unsettled day a week. It's advice that's helped us through the days when nothing seems to settle Evie. This week on one unsettled day I ended up handing her over to Mum so she could have a go.

One of the funny blogs I regularly read is STFUParents. It's a website which names and shames those parents who overshare on Facebook and Twitter. Parents who post things like pictures of their placenta or their kid's poo. It's hilarious in a disgusting kind of way. I never used to understand these people and vowed that I would never become an STFUParent when I had kids.

However, now that I'm a parent I can kind of understand why this happens. I spend my whole day with Evie and I don't have any adults to talk to during the day. This parenting thing is new and exciting to me. Things happen during the day and I find myself wanting to tell someone about them. So I understand why some parents choose to (over)share on Facebook. Luckily, I have Andrew on Gtalk during the day so I can share any Evie stories with him, someone who is genuinely interested.

Of course, just because I'm not going to overshare doesn't mean I'm not going to post 5 million photos of Evie on this blog. Here are couple of this week's favourites.

Here is Evie doing her Superman pose.

And a photo of Evie sleeping. She is getting so chubby.

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Well! Colour us all surprised. The newest Bell baby is a little girl! After Oscar and Leo, we were expecting a boy so we were amazed when the newest Bell turned out to be a tiny little girl. Audrey was born on Sunday 5th June at 2:25pm. She was 48cm long and weighed a tiny 2.8 kg / 6 pounds (and Annie had thought she was going to be a whopper too!) Audrey is very different to her brothers. Both Oscar and Leo were fair when they were born, whereas Audrey has a head of dark hair.
Mum, Dad and Audrey Audrey Elizabeth Meg Dad and Audrey

We went to visit the newest Bell (and Annie and Richie) last night in the hospital. I can't get over how tiny Audrey looks. Evie looks huge compared to her and Evie is only 3 weeks old. Evie slept through the visit but I'm sure she is very excited to have a girl cousin to hang out with. I hope the two are going to be best of friends. Annie and I are looking forward to ballet lessons, Barbies and playing dress ups. Although, with names like Evelyn and Audrey I bet they turn into two tree-climbing, soccer-playing tomboys.
Evie and Audrey

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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Evie: Week 3

Hello week 3! Our skinny, wrinkly baby is starting to put on weight. She has a double chin and a fat little pot belly. I call her my little fattyboombah and Andrew says that I'm mean.

We were warned that this week Evie would stop being a sleepy newborn and become more alert. They were right; our sleeping angel has disappeared. We now have unsettled periods when Evie cries inconsolably and we try to figure out why. When this happens we run through the solutions that have worked before (change nappy, boobies, plug the hole with a dummy, cuddle) and hope that one of them works again. So far so good, although sometimes it takes a few attempts.

This week marks my first week home alone with Evie. I've been really lucky so far. Andrew was home for the first two weeks. Last week, Grandma Anne stayed with us and Andrew was home sick for two days. It was lovely having extra pairs of hands. It meant that I managed to have a shower and a nap each day. Heaven! I'll let you know how I manage this week.

It's funny how there seems to be a script for life. When I was pregnant people would always ask the same questions and offer the same comments. They would ask when the baby was due, if we knew whether the baby was a boy or a girl and then say something about how I hardly looked pregnant at all or how enoooooooooormous I was. Now that Evie is here people like to tell us who she looks like. If it's someone who knows me then they say Evie looks like me and if it's someone who knows Andrew then they say that Evie looks like him.

Here is a baby photo of me for comparison. Look at my fat face! Evie certainly doesn't have that. Photo of Andrew is forthcoming.
Baby Jess

The truth is that Evie looks like both of us. She has bits of both Andrew and Jess. Let's just hope that doesn't include the Wilson nose.

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