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We had a successful evening at trivia this month placing second (ka-ching!). I can't decide whether or not it was the help we got from our newest badgers, Evie and Elliot, or the fact that Chris and Adam have returned from their world tour.

Our name this week was inspired by the weather. Last week Sydney drowned in rain. On Thursday evening it was still pouring and I was the idiot venturing out in the horrible weather with a 9-week old baby. Luckily Andrew's mum was with me. She was able to get Evie inside the Rowers and out of the rain without too much trouble.

Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky. I dropped Anne and Evie off while it wasn't raining. Then it started to pour. It was like someone had turned on a tap. I parked, unpacked the car and by the time I made it inside I was soaked through. There was water pooled in the bottom of the pram. Luckily, damp badger doesn't smell as bad as wet cat.

Here is your chance at this month's questions. You know the rules:
  1. What is the Sirocco?

  2. What part of its body does a hippo close when it goes underwater?

  3. How many wives are there in Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor?

  4. Which famous singer did Vanilla Ice have an 8-month relationship with in 1991?

  5. Who is the only actress to portray an aspect of Dylan in the 2007 film I'm Not There?

  6. What three-letter word, beginning with "r", has 396 definitions? (Second most definitions for a word after the word "set" which has 464.)

  7. Which team knocked out Australia in the quarter finals of the women's Soccer World Cup?

  8. Which country is director Roman Polanski currently holed up in?

jess - 27th Jul 2011, 17:25 tags: trivia sydneyrowers badgers


Susanna, John and Leah's little girl, turned two at the beginning of July. I'd been super organised and I made and posted Susanna's present to her before Evie was born. I knew that I wasn't going to have a lot of time to craft after Evie arrived.

One of the main reasons why I was super organised though was that I was a bit excited about Susanna's present. I had so much fun making Eliana's tutu, that I knew that I wanted to make one for Susanna too. I think the real reason why I love making tutus so much is that I secretly want to make an adult sized one for myself.

Susanna's tutu is pink with cream highlights. I also made a bag for Susanna to keep her tutu in.
Handmade: Pink tutu
Handmade: bag for tutu

I think Susanna likes her present. Leah said that Susanna also got a Ballerina doll for her birthday so now she can play dress ups with her dolly. Happy Birthday Susanna!
Susanna in her new tutu

jess - 25th Jul 2011, 09:47 tags: birthdays susanna dubs craft tutu

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Evie is 9 weeks old. (Almost a week late again. Stupid uni work).
Evie: Week 9

We've continued to have a stormy week. I think she's almost ready to have more awake time but she's not quite ready. So at the moment she's not really happy when she is awake but not really happy when she is asleep either. Poor bubba, she'll figure it out eventually.

One afternoon this week the only way to keep Evie happy was to bounce her up and down. I resorted to putting her in her bouncer and rocking it with my foot for a full hour. I had the worst cramps in my leg later that evening. When we went shopping before Evie was born, I looked at the motorised swinging chairs and wondered who would buy them. It seemed a bit over the top to me. My sore leg and I totally understand now why you'd buy one. (We also thought the wipe warmer was ridiculous. It warms the wipes you use to clean your baby's bottom. Evie does flinch sometimes at the cold wipes we use on her bottom but we're sure it builds character.)

The nerdiness continues. When Evie is very cranky I often joke to Andrew about finding her reboot button. Then I was talking to Sue about it and she suggested that I install a new driver. Sarah suggested that we should upgrade to a Mac (although Andrew insists that would be a downgrade). We are such NERDS!

Here is a photo of some of the bubbas from Mothers' group. So many bald heads! I was mortified because I'd forgotten to dress Evie in her day clothes and taken her out in PJs. Although really, who doesn't want to spend the whole day in their PJs.
Mothers' group bubba
Thanks to Andrea for the bubba photo

jess - 22nd Jul 2011, 21:46 tags: evie kids growing_evie


A new new bubba present. I made this blanket for Audrey as her birth day gift. It's patchwork on one side and polar fleece on the other side. Apparently this combination is a quilting no-no. I hope it holds together.
Quilt for Audrey Quilt for Audrey

I put the colour combination together when I didn't know whether Audrey was going to be a boy or a girl. I really like the colours and think I've managed to make the quilt gender neutral.

It's my first experience of making a patchwork quilt. It wasn't a very complex endeavour though. I simply sewed pre-cut squares together, then quilted in the ditch (aha! look me with my fancy quilting terms) and then bound it. I did have to visit Daphne for a lesson in quilt binding. I really enjoyed that part because it involves hand sewing. I like to sit on the couch and watch TV and do a bit of sewing. I'm such a 50s housewife.

I think Audrey liked her blanket. She better watch out though because another person really, really liked it. After a busy Saturday, Leo curled up on the couch underneath Audrey's blanket to rest and watch tele. Leo said he was just looking after it for Audrey. At least I now have a good Christmas present idea for Leo.
Leo and Audrey

jess - 16th Jul 2011, 12:00 tags: craft quilting audrey leo


Last weekend was also Evie's first experience of the ocean. As we drove down the hill into Copa I said "Look bubba! the ocean!". I'm sure she would have been really excited if she was awake. And if she could see it. Bit hard when you're in rear facing car seat. She did have a nice nap one afternoon in the sunshine listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.
Enjoying the view

It was a bit too cold for swimming but that didn't stop the boys. Even the enormous waves didn't stop the boys. I've never seen surf so big at Copa. The waves were 3 - 4m and were crashing right up the beach. There were lots of surfers out enjoying the conditions. There were heaps of spectators too. People videoing and taking photos from the safety of the shoreline.

The boys weren't hiding from the surf though. They had heaps of fun splashing around in the waves that crashed on the shore. Leo even found getting dunked fun. He had his feet knocked out from under him by one massive wave. Richie waded in and picked him up. Leo was spluttering and covered in sand but was still happy. "Did you see THAT!" he said. We found sand in some very unusual places during bathtime that evening.

This is a great sequence of photos captured by Andrew. Annie watching the boys play in the surf. Annie running away from a monster wave. Annie realising that she should check that the boys hadn't been washed out to sea. Phew! still there.
Run away, run away

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

jess - 15th Jul 2011, 08:50 tags: copacabana evie audrey oscar leo


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