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Just a quick one tonight as I have been struck down with a vomiting virus. I had a horrible Saturday night and then have felt miserable all day Sunday. Poor Anne is also suffering. Luckily Daddy, Dum Dum and Grandpa were there to take care of Evie.

Here are a couple of nice photos of Evie with the birthday boy.
Grandpa and Evie
Grandpa and Evie
Happy birthday for Wednesday Grandpa, hope you have a great day!

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Another weekend away for Evie. This weekend we're visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Goulburn to celebrate Grandpa's birthday.

The weather on our drive down was horrible. It rained almost the entire way and visibility was very poor. There are three cars in front of us in this photo. Can you see them?
Miserable weather

As we drove down into Goulburn the weather turned. We drove out of the rain into a glorious spring day with beautiful blue skies.
Blue skies

The weather behind was still grey, dark and miserable.
Grey skies behind us

Evie enjoyed sitting at the table with us for lunch.
mmmm lunch

Grandma's tasty butterfly cakes. Evie was eyeing these intently but I'm not quite ready to let her eat cake yet.
Butterfly cakes

Here is a happy Evie with Grandma.
Evie and Grandma

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Nothing unusual to report from last night's trivia outing. Nan and TD babysat Evie for us. We came second. Move along everybody.

And as per usual here is your chance at this month's questions. You know the rules:
  1. Who was Patricia Arquette's first husband?

  2. Who was the Laureus World Sportsperson of the Year from 2005 - 2008?

  3. What is the collective noun for a group of cheetahs?

  4. Harare is the capital of which country?

  5. True or False: ruby is the birth stone for the month of July?

  6. Which band covered Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" in 2001?

  7. Phillumeny is the hobby of collecting what; calendars, matchboxes or coasters?

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During our trip to Normandy we visited Monet's house and garden in Giverny which have been preserved as a museum. It was in this garden that Monet painted his famous series of paintings, Water Lilies.
Monet's house

We visited on a warm summer's day and it was lovely walking through Monet's beautiful garden. Of course, the place is packed with tourists clamouring to get a photo of themselves on the Water Lily bridge (I can't complain too loudly; I wanted a photo there too). So sometimes you have to close your eyes and block out all the noise to imagine the tranquility that Monet would have experienced while he was painting there.
Monet's Garden

Even though it is quite crowded it's still worth the trip. The flowers in the garden are beautiful and it's special to be able to visit the setting for such an iconic series of paintings.

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

Our visit to Monet's Garden was part of our trip to Normady and Champagne. We visited France in August 2009 to celebrate Jess's birthday with camembert, croissants and bubbles. Other entries from this trip include: Mont St Michel.

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Evie is 6 months old (on the 15th. I'm late again). We have some exciting new skills.
Evie: 6 months

A couple of weeks ago Evie was rolling from her back to her front. I say was because it's no longer happening. One afternoon Evie decided that she was going to master this skill. It was quite amusing to watch because she would be on her side and then roll almost all the way on to her tummy, then freak out and flip back on to her back. She did this a few times then she finally made it all the from her back to her front. There was much cheering from Mummy. She rolled 3 times that afternoon. But since then... nothing! It's like she's moved on already. Rolling... been there done that.

Evie is also sitting pretty much by herself. I'm always nearby though just in case she falls over. When she's sitting Evie sometimes reaches for things with her mouth rather than her hands. When she can't reach a toy with her hands, she leans forward with her mouth open and slowly face plants. Sometimes I yell "timmmmmmmmmmmbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer" as she falls. Isn't Mummy mean.

Evie has a new favourite toy - Sophie the Giraffe. Sophie is an iconic rubber teething toy; all the coolest babies have one. I wasn't going to buy Evie a Sophie because I think they are kind of expensive. Auntie Annie was horrified that I was depriving Evie of such a great toy so she bought one as a present. Evie loves Sophie (and Auntie Annie very much). We wrote Evie's name on her giraffe so it won't get mixed up with all the other Sophies out there.
Evie and Sophie the Giraffe

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