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The other night Andrew was out having fun with Simon, Tara and Ricky and I was at home looking after Evie. But because Evie goes to sleep at 6:30pm, looking after her this evening just involved me sitting on the couch in my PJs watching Better Homes and Gardens. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.

But then I realised, Evie goes to sleep and doesn't wake until 2am for her next feed. There was really nothing stopping me from having a night out of my own. I emailed my Mothers' Group straight away and suggested that we have a night out.

And tonight was that night out. A group of us headed out to dinner at La Casa where we ate yummy food, had a few of glasses of wine and chatted (and not just about babies!). It was awesome.

Because it was my first night out in a while I actually made an effort to dress up a little bit. I straightened my hair (for only the 2nd time since Evie was born), I put on makeup and I even wore high heels. I got Andrew to take a photo as evidence.
Jess Jess

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Today Evie partook in a very important Wilson tradition. A visit to the Pancake Kitchen. Andrew has always loved pancakes and when he was little a meal at the Pancake Kitchen was a treat. So every time we are in Ballarat we always fit in a visit (Andrew suggested that we skip it this time round, but I wanted pancakes so I made sure it happened).

Before brunch we stopped in to say goodbye to Jane and Leo.
Jane, Evie, Jess and Leo

Mmm, pancakes.
mmm pancakes

Evie didn't understand just how exciting a visit to the Pancake Kitchen is. She had a nap.
Sleeping Evie

This is the fam.
The fam

One last photo of Evie and GeeGee.
Evie and GeeGee

Evie on the plane ride home. She is more interested in trying to eat the seatbelt.
Andrew and Evie

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Our visit to Ballarat happily coincided with Leo's first birthday party.

This is Monty the Monkey. I made Monty as a present for Leo.
Sock Monkey: Monty

This is the beautiful birthday cake made by Jane.
Lion Cake

Here is the beautiful birthday boy Leo with his mum and dad.
Cake time

This is Jude blowing bubbles.

Here is Evie with Rosalie.
Evie and Rosalie

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Today we caught up with Tash and Michelle at the Boatshed for lunch. Tash said that she was reading back through FuShMuSh posts about our previous visits to Ballarat. According to FuShMuSh the weather is always miserable when we visit. Tash claims we bring the bad weather with us but I maintain that it's just because the weather is often crap in Ballarat.

This what the weather was like in Ballarat today. Cold, misty and drizzly.
Ballarat's beautiful weather

Here is a photo of Michelle reading a book that she gave to Evie as a present. Thanks Michelle!
Michelle and Evie

Here is a photo of the girls.
The girls

Here is another photo of Evie and GeeGee.
Evie and GeeGee

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Evie had her first aeroplane flight today. Exciting!

Here is her boarding pass...
Evie's first boarding pass

which she was more interested in eating.
Evie is more interested in eating her boarding pass

Our plane had a moustache.
Our plane has a moustache

Here is Evie on the aeroplane.
Evie on the aeroplane

Evie really wanted to drive to Ballarat but we figured the whole not being able to see over the steering wheel thing might be a problem.
Evie takes the wheel

Evie also met Great Gran (GeeGee) for the first time. Great Gran has six great grandchildren but only one great grandaughter.
Evie and GeeGee

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