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And I'm still catching up on Christmas posts.

This year was a Christmas at Copacabana year. Complete with Santa on a fire engine.

Santa and his RFS helpers drove around the streets of Copacabana, Christmas music blaring, scattering lollies for children who wait by the roadside. The kids loved it (although this uptight mumma with a sleeping baby thought they could have done a few less circuits. Isn't it funny how I expect the whole world to be quiet so my baby can nap.)

Santa on a fire truck

This year we left home made biscuits out for Santa (which was an improvement on the tiny teddies of the last Copa Christmas). Leo decided that milk is the drink of choice for reindeers so they got an enormous bowl filled with milk and some carrots.
Snacks for Santa Milk for the reindeer

We had our traditional ham orientated Christmas Eve dinner. We had the tastiest Christmas ham this year. It was 8kg, heavier than both Audrey and Evie. Richie made some awesome toasties for dinner.
Christmas ham Richie

More photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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So I've gone a bit crazy and decided to attempt Project 365 this year. Except this year is a leap year so technically it's Project 366. The idea is that you take a photo everyday for a year. I'm not going to take it too seriously. I'm just going to take photos on my iPhone. Every now and again I'll post them on FuShMuSh. I think it will be a nice chronicle of the year.

Project 366 - 01
  1. Day001: Perfect at Copacabana Beach
  2. Day002: Evie going for a swim
  3. Day003: Locked out
  4. Day004: Holidays generate so much laundry
  5. Day005: Pup gets a triple century
  6. Day006: Challenging times
  7. Day007 - Gold Class for Andrew's Birthday
  8. Day008 - Brunch date with Nan
  9. Day009 - Evie has her own room now

jess - 11th Jan 2012, 14:12 tags: p366 photography

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Just for fun I thought I'd look at what our most popular posts were last year. According to our stats your favourites were (starting with no. 10):

10. Growing Evie

Week 30

9. Trivia: The smell of damp badgers.

8. Welcome Marcus!

Handmade: Lambykins

7. Evie: Week 6

Evie in her cot

6. Happy 10th Birthday Fushmush!

Andrew + Jess

5. Welcome Audrey Elizabeth Meg Bell

Evelyn and Audrey

4. Cake: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Hungry Caterpillar cake

3. How to: organise a baby shower

Nicole and Julia

2. Gift guide: Presents for little boys

Library bag for Leo

1. Introducing Evelyn Anne


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So 2011 is officially a good year. We got our happy ending - our beautiful daughter Evie. I thought I'd put together a little photo mosaic from all our FuShMuSh posts this year. As you can see Evie features quite heavily. Aw, she's so beautiful (and clever...)

jess Sue and J's farewell Andrew's Birthday Marcus Kylie and Charlotte Eliana Cupcakes: baby shower Michelle Valentine's Day Pancakes The Americans Bells Heather Caitlin and Poppy Clare and Rosie, Erin and Arnie Lighting the candles Baroque macarons Library bag for Leo Blowing out the candles Cupcakes: Easter Oscar and Leo hunt for eggs Easter at Copacabana Stuart Family Matt, Leo and the black-headed python Macarons: MakMak Cupcakes: Rainbow Evie Yawn Audrey Elizabeth Meg Audrey and Mum Sleeping Evie and Daddy Cupcakes: Ballerina Cupcake: White Evie in her cot Audrey and Evie Evie Evie Whee! Leo and Oscar Leo feeding the lorikeets Susanna in her new tutu Evie's first visit to the Lindt cafe The Girls Evie Hungry Caterpillar cake Evie Cupcake: Fushie cupcakes Evie and Audrey Happy Father's Day Andrew Asleep Eliana Sleeping Rosie Annie and Leo Geoffrey and Alex Leo Happy Evie Macarons Cupcakes: Halloween Evie and Audrey Audrey Melbourne cup(cakes) Eddy Birthday girl and Elliot not happy, jan! TD and the Grandkids 7:11 Waking up Daddy Self-portrait Cake Evie is more interested in eating her boarding pass The girls Cake time Evie and GeeGee Sitting! Evie and Grandma Grandpa and Evie BFFs Daley Family Christmas Santa and his helpers Evie: Santa Photo Christmas Day 2011

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This is my favourite Christmas present this year. I received this family necklace as my present from Evie. (She's not quite up to online shopping so she may have had some help from Mummy and Daddy). I think it's sweet without being overly cheesy.
Family Necklace

It was bought from Eclectic Wendy Designs on Etsy. I was impressed with her service as Evie ordered it after the cut off date for Christmas and it still arrived in time.

jess - 5th Jan 2012, 21:23 tags: christmas christmas11 gift_guide


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