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I'm so glad we've been taking monthly photos of Evie and Teddy together. I understand that Teddy is growing but it wasn't until we sat him on Evie's lap this morning that I understood just how huge he is now. Also, I know I'm totally biased, but how cute are the photos from this month! You all just have to nod and agree now.
August: Evie + Teddy

August: Evie + Teddy August: Evie + Teddy

Here are the photos starting from the beginning:
May: Evie and Teddy June: Evie and Teddy
July: Evie and Teddy August: Evie + Teddy

See Evie and Teddy's monthly photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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I've decided to start my photo a day project again. I figured it didn't matter that it was half way through the year. Our life is that much busier with two children so I don't feel like I've been capturing the appropriate number of photos of my Teddy. I'm hoping if I take a photo a day I can redress the Evie / Teddy baby photo imbalance.

I've downloaded a useful iPhone app called Collect which helps me with the project. It reminds me to take a photo each day and then I can add them to a calendar view. I can then easily export a collage of my photos from the month.

Organising all the photos and making sure I had a photo for each day was what I found hardest last time. I'm finding the app is taking all of the hard work out of the organisation. I'm just waiting them to fix the export to Flickr.

Here are my photos from July.

July 2014

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Evie: 3 years

I love recording and documenting so when I saw the birthday interview idea floating around on Pinterest I knew I wanted to do it with Evie. The idea is that you ask your child the same questions every year on their birthday and document how their responses change as they grow. Life has been a bit busy lately so we've only just gotten around to asking Evie the questions. I also videoed her answers so will post that when I finally get a chance to edit it.

Some of Evie's answers were a little surprising so I've added my own notes in italics.

How old are you? Three

What is your favourite colour? Purple

What is your favourite TV show? Play School

Evie also loves the Octonauts and enjoys watching Lily's Driftwood Bay, Little Ted's Big Adventure, Big Ted's Big Adventure, Jemima's Big Adventure and Peppa Pig and pretty much anything that happens to be on the TV (except the Wiggles who she finds scary.)

What is your favourite movie? The Duplo Movie (what Evie calls the Lego movie)

Evie had watched a little bit of the movie the week before and it was fresh in her mind. I thought it was a little too old for her and had decided not to let her watch the rest of it. Obviously she was keen to see the finish. The movies she enjoys at the moment are Garfield 2 (the one with the two cats Mummy, not the one where Garfield jumps on the bed), A Bug's Life, Robots, Mary Poppins and Toy Story 2. She also loves watching the songs from Frozen but isn't such a fan of the film.

What is your favourite book? The Kangaroo book (Winnie the Pooh lift the flap book)

I was a bit surprised by this answer as we haven't read it much lately. I think maybe she could see it from where she was sitting. The books we read regularly include Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny Too, Moose!, The Gobble Gobble Moooooo Tractor Book and The Pear in the Pear Tree.

What is your favourite thing to eat? Evie's cheesy pasta (Kraft Macaroni and Cheese)

What is your favourite special treat? Scooby Doo Fruit Tails

What is your favourite song? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Evie also loves Small Potatoes, Best Night by Justice Crew and the songs from Mary Poppins and Frozen.

What is your favourite outfit to wear? Purple spotted t-shirt

Actually anything purple at the moment.

Who is your best friend? Bear

Where is your favourite place to go? Kindy Gym

What is your favourite game? Monkey Bingo

What things do you like to do with Mummy and Daddy? Cooking with Mummy and climbing on Daddy

What are you really good at? Holding on tightly to things

What do you want to be when you grow up? Cooking (A Chef?)

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Theodore: Week 9
Theodore: Week 10
Theodore: Week 11
Theodore: Week 12
For comparison, Evie: Week 9, Evie: Week 10, Evie: Week 11 and Evie: Week 12

Poor Teddy. Now I'm so behind it's four photos in one post. Oh well, at least there are photos and fushmush posts.

Teddy has discovered his hands. Often he'll sit there, holding his hands in front of his face, staring intently at them. He also loves sucking on them. Sometimes he tries to shove them so far in his mouth that he chokes on them.
Nom nom nom

My little Teddy seems to be a baby of extremes. Evie was always a very serious baby. You had to work really hard to get a smile out of her. She was really easy going at night though and would always go straight back to sleep after a feed (well, that's how I remember it happening.)

Teddy is very smiley and is already laughing and chuckling (much earlier than I remember Evie doing it). He also loves a good chat and will sing along with you if you sing a song to him. Conversely, when he is sad he is really sad. The poor boy suffers from wind pain and at night time just likes to be held by Mummy when his tummy is sore. Mummy loves the smiling and giggling but I'm not such a fan of the late night cuddle requirements. I keep trying to remind myself that this is my last baby and to enjoy the cuddles. But seriously, who enjoys having to rock a baby for hours at three in the morning? (if you do, please feel free to come over and rock my baby at three in the morning while I sleep.)
Smiley Teddy Teddy Teddy

When Evie was a baby I often had to resort to rocking her bouncer with my foot while she napped. I had mocked the motorised swings before she was born but then totally regretted not owning one. So when I was pregnant with Teddy, I bought a second hand motorised swing. It was a bargain and I thought I'd be clever this time and let the swing do the hard work. Of course, what do you think I'm doing while I type this entry? I'm rocking Teddy in the bouncer while he naps. Do you think he'll sleep in the motorised swing? Nope. Kids - 2, Jess 0. Oh well, I guess I should be happy I didn't pay full price for the swing.
Napping in the bouncer

This is the last of the weekly photos. From now we swap to monthly photos. Hopefully I'll be more on top of the monthly posts.

See Theodore's weekly photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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Theodore: Week 7
Theodore: Week 8

For comparison, Evie: Week 7 and Evie: Week 8

My brain is very fuzzy while I'm writing this entry. Teddy is currently transitioning from a newborn to a baby. Some days he is still in his newborn "I can't possibly be awake for longer than 15 minutes" phase. On these days he feeds every three hours and needs to be cuddled and rocked... a lot. On other days he follows the baby routine and is happy enough to be awake in his bouncer and watch Mummy do the washing up or Evie play with her duplo. I can see the light at the end of the newborn tunnel!

Poor Teddy is definitely a second child. When Evie was little I used to dress her everyday in cute little outfits. I actually wrote about one instance where I was mortified because I forgot to change Evie out of her PJs when I took her to a Mothers' Group meeting. Theodore lives in his sleep suits. He's also lucky if he gets a bath every second day. Evie was bathed everyday as part of her bedtime routine.

When Evie was a baby I used to try to get out for a walk every afternoon. It was a nice way to fit in her afternoon catnap. I've been trying to walk as often as possible with Teddy. We are lucky to have some lovely walking paths in our area. We've been having some beautiful afternoons and sunsets recently. The other day I went for a walk wearing a t-shirt and jeans. It was 20 degrees at 4pm two days away from the Winter Solstice. I guess I shouldn't be so happy about our changing climate.
Teddy Rhodes Jess and Teddy

Along with Teddy's progress photos we're also trying to get a monthly photo of Evie and Teddy. Here are the photos of Evie and Teddy from May and June.
May: Evie and Teddy June: Evie and Teddy
I love Theodore's expression in the June photo. It's like he's saying "Are you sure this is a good idea Mum?"

See Theodore's weekly photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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